The Bear Facts: Feb.01, 2019

Brea Elford
Feb 1, 2019

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W elcome to the fifteenth issue of The Bear Facts: a weekly source for all things Keyano! 

In this issue you will find:

1. The Bear Essentials:
  • Upcoming Events
  • Keyano marketing: 2 question survey!
  • Swim-a-thon 2019: prize donations and donors
  • Blue Bears professional photos: fundraiser
  • Purdy's Easter fundraiser
  • Bingo time shifts reminder: Team Unify glitch!
2. 2019 Edmonton Oil Kings Aquatic Night

3. Head Coach Report: Parent and Coach Roles!

4. EKSC Bear Cubs Race Series
5. An Interview With: Abigail Craig!

6. Bronze Programming: Omit Dates, training schedule

7. Upcoming Events
  • OSC 10 & U #2
  • Brainsport Invitational
  • Red Deer Catalina Invitational
8. Bear Birthdays

Note: The newsletters are posted in the News section on the homepage, should you ever need to revisit them or see a record of our communications!

Thank you for reading. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Keyano office. 

Go Bears!
Our Bears, learning how to read a heat sheet, at our first Bear Cubs Race Series.

The Bear Essentials

Upcoming events:

Date: Event: Location Groups
Feb. 02 OSC 10&U 2 St. Albert B,S
Feb. 8-10 Brainsport Saskatoon Prov., J.C.
Feb. 9-10 Catalina Inv. Red Deer G, S
Feb. 18 Oil Kings Aquatics Night Edmonton Everyone!
Feb. 22-23 Ostara Classic Victoria Nat.

Marketing survey - 2 questions only!

Hi everyone! We've put together a super fast, 2 question survey and we would really appreciate your input. This is to help us determine where and how we need to direct our marketing efforts moving forward. It won't take more than 2 minutes!

You can access the survey here: 

Thank you in advance for your help!

Swim-a-thon 2019

Hello Bears!

We are close to launching swim-a-thon 2019! This is Swim Canada’s largest fundraising event, and 90% goes directly back to our club. Last year, we raised $15 000, but some clubs are raising $60 000! Let’s try to double last year’s number!

Just like last year, we would like to have a raffle for every donor who enters Swim-a-thon. Last year, we had fabulous prizes like a $1000 West Jet gift card and an Apple Watch.

At this time, we are asking for prize donations. If you own a company, or know a company that would be open to donating we are looking for the following:
  1. Prizes for donors.
  2. Monetary donations so we can buy prizes (a receipt will be issued by keyano that can be written off as a sponsorship)
  3. Prizes for the swimmers

I am also hoping to boost team spirit this year, and I would love to have a goal for the swimmers to swim 500 000m! I am looking for a very special company/individual that might be willing to donate $1000 to Keyano and/or a charity of their choice if Keyano can reach this goal.

Please contact Tanya Lastovka at about donating.

Blue Bears Professional Photos: Fundraiser

There is still time to purchase some images of your swimmers from Blue Bears!

We had some extremely talented photographers on deck at Blue Bears. They used high resolution cameras to take tons of high quality photos of your swimmers!

You can search the images on the “Bluebears2019” Instagram account. You can direct message the photographers through this Instagram account if you would like to purchase an image. 

If there is a picture you like, you can purchase the raw, high resolution file for $15. It can be used to print high quality pictures and even large posters. 

Each photo purchased will go towards your annual fundraising commitment.

We would like to extend a massive thank you to the photographers who are donating their time and equipment for this special fundraiser. This is not a typical fundraising situation, and each of these photographers have spent many, many hours taking, organizing and editing these special images of your children.

Purdy's Easter Fundraiser

Please note that the Purdy's chocolate Easter fundraiser is upcoming. There are catalogs available in the office. Exact dates of the fundraiser TBC, but it will run sometime between the first week of February and the first week of April. Stay tuned!

Bingo time shifts/volunteer shifts reminder:

There is currently a glitch with Team Unify where the times posted on the job report page (if you use the time report function on Team Unify) don't match the time indicated on the actual event - they are off by an hour. When noting your times for any shifts, bingo or volunteer, please refer to the times listed on the actual event sign up page.

Also, bingo shifts will always be at the same time, unless otherwise indicated. For your information, please note the following: 

Daytime shifts:10:45 - 4
Evening shifts 4:45 - 10 PM
Evening/late nights are 4:45 to midnight

2019 Edmonton Oil Kings Aquatic Appreciation (and Star Wars!) Night!

Are you looking for something fun this Family Day to beat the winter blues?

Have you ever wanted to stand in the same room as a former Olympic medalist, and her medal? 

Have you ever wanted to high-five some of the brightest, young hockey stars as they walk out onto the ice?

Have you ever wanted to dress up as your favorite Star Wars character while getting to be on the big screen? 

Boy, have we got an event for you!

This Family Day (Monday, Feb. 18, 2019,) Edmonton Keyano Swim Club is invited to the 2019 Aquatics Night at the Edmonton Oil Kings game. Before the game, you'll have the opportunity to listen to a talk from Cheryl Gibson, an Olympic silver medalist in the 400IM at the 1976 Summer Olympic Games in Montreal. During the game, the swimmers will be able to stand in the high five tunnel and high five the hockey players as they head out onto the ice. Edmonton Keyano will get a special shout-out during the game, with our logo, and you, on the big screen! 

And, to top it all off, it's also Star Wars night, meaning you'll have an excuse to finally dust off that old Wookiee costume of yours! 

Further, as an appendix to our fundraising Chuck-a-Puck event with the Oil Kings held earlier this season, we're able to offer the tickets at $18.00 a ticket - the lowest price on the market.

Invite your friends, family, neighbours and schoolmates. We'd love have you all there! 


When: Monday, Feb. 18, 2019, 2:00pm game time (12:00pm for the talk with Cheryl Gibson)

Where: Rogers Arena, Edmonton

What: Edmonton Oil Kings Aquatic Night and Star Wars Night!    

Cost: $18.00 a ticket.

Please RSVP on the event page (or click here!) and indicate how many tickets you would like per family! 

Head Coach Report

At our last EKSC Coach workshop one of our development coaches brought up some issues regarding parent/coach/swimmer interaction. Specifically, there had been instances where the coach felt the parent was overstepping the mark and interfering into the actual coaching of the child. This situation was causing confusion for the child.

Many parents that have been in the Club for years understand the roles of coaches and parents and how the roles are different. Perhaps for new parents who have never had reason to stop and consider these roles we have put together a list of Do’s and Don’ts for Parents.


DO be supportive – rain or shine

Whether your child comes first or last, sets five PBs or none, you should still love and support them the same. One of your most important roles as a swimming parent is to provide emotional support during the tough times, of which there will be many. Let your child know that they are still loved, no matter how badly they think they swam. And likewise, try not to let them get cocky when they win - confidence not arrogance is the goal.


DON’T pressure your child

Remember that swimming is your child’s hobby. If your child has their own reasons and own goals for participating, they will be far more motivated to excel and therefore far more successful. It is normal and healthy to want your child to excel and be as successful as possible, but swimming parents cannot make this happen by pressuring them with expectations. Instead, you can encourage them and offer them unconditional support and guidance.


DON’T be the coach

‘Coaches coach. Swimming parents parent.’ Your child’s coach is there to teach the technical swimming skills. You can help your child to learn values and develop positive character traits. Showing unconditional love and support, and creating a happy and balanced home environment will help them to get the most out of what they are doing in the pool. This can be very difficult for some parents to understand and follow. Sometimes the things a parent ‘sees’ in their child’s technique being an issue or problem truly isn’t OR it isn’t the main focus for now. For example, at the Bronze level we are focusing on body position and kick action in freestyle. The high elbow arm recovery that ‘looks’ like how an elite freestyle ‘should’ look is actually not a focus at this stage. If the child is told to start working on bending their elbow for a high elbow recovery, then they start to shorten the length of their pull and all hell breaks loose with their stroke!! The point is sometimes the faults that parents see are there but they just are not to be the focus for correction at this point in time. The sequence of learning is just as important as the skills themselves.


DO encourage independence

Confidence is the essential ingredient in all great swimming success stories. Confidence comes from knowing; knowing you can do it. Encourage your child to pack and empty their own swimming bag, to make their breakfast, to carry their swimming kit, fill their water bottles etc. This will help to create independent and self-motivated swimmers, with a strong sense of confidence, self-belief, resilience and self-reliance.


DON’T dangle carrots

Try to avoid extrinsic motivation (bribery!). It’s important to be careful of the message you send out – swimmers should swim for themselves and for the positives the sport brings. When your child does well, try to praise them for what they did well, not the outcome that they achieved.


DO respect the coach

Trust the coach to do their job. If you have any questions about something your child’s coach is doing or saying in the sessions, it is usually ok to ask. However, their attention will be on the swimmers they are coaching during session times, so try and grab a word with them before or after training.


DON’T be on pool deck during training

Please do not be present on pool deck during the sessions. A good analogy here is when you drop your car to the mechanic, do you stand under the hoist in the service bay whilst the mechanic works on your car? Do you sit at the desk behind your accountant whilst he prepares your tax return? Please trust the coach to do their job effectively.


DON’T try to communicate with your child during training

This leads to confusion of the child who doesn’t know who he or she is supposed to be listening to.


DO be loyal and supportive of the TEAM

Where possible emphasize the importance of being a team player. Swimmers that motivate others are often the happiest and gain the greatest benefit out of training and competition. This goes for swimming parents also. Cheer for your own child but cheer for their teammates too. This will help to create a positive atmosphere amongst the swimmers and their supporters.


DON’T make your child feel like a failure

Children develop at different rates, in terms of size, strength, coordination, emotional and intellectual maturity and just about everything else. Encourage your child to compete against themselves, and to measure themselves against only their own best efforts. If they do win and beat everyone else, it’s a bonus!


DO enjoy being with your child

Sports are such a great way for families to share time together. Enjoy the pleasure that swimming brings for your child and the for the moments you share together because of this sport!


EKSC Bear Cubs Race Series

Thank you to everyone who came out for the first day of our first Bear Cubs Race Series! By the last 25 freestyle, all the swimmers were seasoned heat sheet readers and marshaling veterans. We sure love seeing all the young swimmers having fun and learning together - that's what the sport is about!

Our second Bear Cubs Race day is coming up at the end of the month, so mark your calendars!

This block we will be running a series of 3 inter club racing nights for our Bronze, Silver and Gold groups. The Bear Cubs Race Series will be held during regular Wednesday evening training times at The Kinsman. The nights are designed to provide a less chaotic introduction to the fun of swim meet racing for our development swimmers.


All our EKSC coaches will be on hand to:

  • teach our development swimmers the processes and procedures of a swim meet e.g. how to read a heat sheet, how to report to marshalling, starting procedures etc.

  • teach some more specific race skills e.g. Starts, breath control, finishing etc.

  • practice pre and post race briefing


The series will also serve as practice for our Club officiating volunteers.


For the first two evenings only the Bronze and Silver groups will be involved. For the final evening of the series in March the Gold groups will also be involved.



Groups Involved

Events Offered


Wednesday 30th January


Swimmers on deck 4:45 pm for warm up

Events conclude by 6:30pm



6 x 25 Freestyle

Introduction to swim meets


How to read a heat sheet.


Specific race skills focus

Wednesday 27th February


Swimmers on deck 4:45 pm for warm up

Events conclude by 6:30pm



6 x 25 Fly, Back, Breast

Specific race skills focus

Wednesday 20th March


Swimmers on deck 4:15 pm for warm up


Events conclude by 6:30pm





3 x 50 Back, Breast, Free

1 x 25 or 1 x 50 Butterfly

May be sanctioned.




We would very much encourage all our Development swimmers to participate in the series. There is no need to pre-commit to the evenings just show up on the Wednesday nights at the above mentioned times and have fun!!!

Interview with: Abigail Craig!

From time-to-time, our satellite coaches will interview a swimmer in their group. This interview will then be shared with our membership in our weekly newsletter. It's a great opportunity to get to know some of the awesome swimmers we have in our club!

Here we have Abigail Craig, a Confederation Silver swimmer, interviewed by her coach, Emma!

Q: What do you like most about swimming ?

A: Coach emma being my coach :) 

Q: What is your favourite stroke, and why ? 

A: Freestyle because I can go fast !

Q: Least favourite and why ? 

A: Butterfly because it’s makes my arms tired.

Q: What is your dream job ? 

A: A lawyer 

Q: What is one place in the world you want to visit ? 

A: Italy.

Q: Do you have any siblings or pets ? 

A: I have one older brother and a dog named Adkiss.

Q: If you could be one animal what would it be ? 

A: Puppy because they are so cute 

Q: Who is someone you would call you idol, and why ? 

A: My mom because she’s awesome!

Q: Do you have a favourite Olympic swimmer ? 

A: Missy Franklin .

Q: If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with that extra time ? 

A: Play on my IPad.

Q: What is your favourite thing to do in the summer ? 

A: Go biking.

Thank you for participating, Abigail!

Bronze Programming

Just a few notes about the Bronze programming for the remainder of the season…

Session Confed Meadows Terwillegar Royal Glenora

January 7
March 24

Omit Dates:
Mon Feb 18

Omit Dates:
Fri Feb 1

Move Dates:
Fri Mar 1 (to Conf)

Omit Dates:
Fri Mar 1

Move Dates:
Fri Feb 1 (to Conf)

Omit Dates:
Mon Feb 18

April 8
June 19

Omit Dates:
Fri Apr 19
Mon Apr 22
Mon May 20

Make-up (for omit):
Fri Jun 21

Omit Dates:
Fri Apr 19
Tue May 21

Omit Dates:
Fri Apr 19
Sun Apr 21

Omit Dates:
Fri Apr 19
Mon Apr 22
Mon May 20

Make-up (for omit):
Fri Jun 21

Training Schedule
The chart above aims to give everyone a head’s up before the sessions start so you can see when/where we can foresee changes to the regular schedule. We may still have to deal with City of Edmonton facility issues, but those are generally few and far between. “Omit Date” means there will be no training on that date; “Move Date” means that training for your pool is moved to the noted pool; “Make-up” means a practice was added on the given date to balance the number of practices between pools.

Dropping the Fee for Session Three
It has a lovely rhyme to it. In short, we have recalculated the fees for Session 3 based on the number of workouts impacted by holidays and PD days and a slightly shorter session overall than we had planned. Rather than extending the swimming session after the school year is done, we have decided to finish the same week as school and reduce the Session 3 cost from $545 to $475.

Upcoming Events:

 This information is also found under each event on the website. 

OSC 10&U #2
February 2, 2019
Where: Fountain Park Recreation Centre, 4 Cunningham Road, St Albert, T8N 2E9
Entry Fees: $35 per swimmer
Signup Deadline passed
Cancellation Deadline: passed
Policy: In order to attend, you must sign-up online under the Events tab at
Contact Coach:

Desmond Lam –

Competition Website:
Event Schedule:


25 Fr
50 Fr
25 Fl
50 Fly
25 Bk
50 BK
25 BR
50 Br


Eligible Swimmers:  

Brainsport Invitational
February 8-10, 2018
Where: Shaw Centre, 122 Bowlt Crescent, Saskatoon, SK S7M 0L1
Entry Fees: NA
Signup Deadline passed
Cancellation Deadline: NA
Policy: In order to attend, you must sign-up online under the Events tab at
Contact Coach:

Desmond Lam –

Competition Website:
Event Schedule:




50 Br
50 Fr
1500 Fr (female)
800 Fr (male)
100 Br
200 Fr
100 Fl
400 IM
200 Back

Warmup time finals: TBD

Warmup Prelims/Finals


Warmup Time Finals

Eligible Swimmers:  
Junior Championship

Red Deer Catalina Invitational
February 9-10, 2018
Where: Roland Michener Centre, 51A St, Red Deer, AB, T5n 2B3
Entry Fees: $9.00
Signup Deadline passed
Cancellation Deadline: February 1, 2019
Policy: In order to attend, you must sign-up online under the Events tab at
Contact Coach:

Desmond Lam –

Competition Website:
Event Schedule:



400 IM
50 Fl
200 Back
50 Br
100 Free
400 Fr
100 Back
200 Fly
50 Fr
200 BR
200 IM
100 Fly
50 Back
100 BR
200 Fr
800 Fr
1500 Free


Session #1-7:15am
Session #2-2pm

Warmup Time Finals

Session #3 7:15am
Eligible Swimmers:  

Please visit the website Event page for more information and to sign up for swim meets! Click the link below to be directed to the event page.
Swim Meet Sign-Up

Bear Birthdays!

Mattea Lastovka
Angela Corsaro
Mayia Hitchings
Sofie Rong
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