The Bear Facts: Feb.18, 2019

Brea Elford
Feb 8, 2019

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W elcome to the sixteenth issue of The Bear Facts: a weekly source for all things Keyano! 

In this issue you will find:

1. The Bear Essentials:
  • Upcoming Events
  • Oil Kings Aquatic Appreciation Day: Feb. 18!
  • Kinsmen swimmers: Mesh Bag reminder!
  • Swim-a-thon 2019: prize donations and donors
  • Purdy's Easter fundraiser
  • Bingo time shifts reminder: Team Unify glitch!
2. 2019 Edmonton Oil Kings Aquatic Night

3. January Swimmer's of the Month!

4. An Interview With: Vida Wagenseil!

5. Bear Cubs Race Series info.

6. Bronze Programming: Omit Dates, training schedule

7. Bear Birthdays

Note: The newsletters are posted in the News section on the homepage, should you ever need to revisit them or see a record of our communications!

Thank you for reading. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Keyano office. 

Go Bears!

The Bear Essentials

Upcoming events:

Date: Event: Location Groups
Feb. 8-10 Brainsport Saskatoon Prov., J.C.
Feb. 9-10 Catalina Inv. Red Deer G, S
Feb. 18 Oil Kings Aquatics Night Edmonton Everyone!
Feb. 22-23 Ostara Classic Victoria Nat.
Feb. 27 Bear Cubs Race Series 2 Edmonton B, S

Oil Kings Aquatic Appreciation Night: Feb. 18!

Just a reminder that the Oil Kings Aquatic Appreciation Night, featuring a special talk with Olympic medalist Cheryl Gibson, is right around the corner! This is a great opportunity for our entire team to be together. If you haven't yet done so, please RSVP online with the number of tickets you would like. This is a perfect Family Day activity -- we hope to see you all there! More information on this event can be found further on in this newsletter.

Mesh bag reminder:

Just a reminder to all Kinsmen swimmers who store their mesh bags on the pool deck: please hang them on the hooks, rather than throwing them on the deck floor. Thanks! 

Swim-a-thon 2019

Hello Bears!

Swimathon is soon approaching. We are going to have a raffle both for kids who participate, and for people who donate to swimathon. So far, we have some great prizes lined up, but we’re looking for more! If you know of a company that might be willing to donate either cash or prizes  contact Tanya Lastovka at

Prizes to date:

1. $500 from hydro eagle daylighting
2. 75$ Sephora from Cassandra Loon
3. more info to come
4. Car detailing from Nicholson Chev
5. Starbucks


Tanya Lastovka

Purdy's Easter Fundraiser

The Purdy's Easter Fundraiser is now live! More information can be found on our website under Parents ---> Fundraising information. Or, click here! 

Order Deadline is Sunday March 31st 2019

Order pick-up from the Kinsmen 5:00-6:30 pm Wednesday April 17th , 2019
Keyano Families ONLY Go to

Purdy’s Easter Fundraising Program 2019 Catalogues are available in the Keyano office or can be viewed online with this link:

Bingo time shifts/volunteer shifts reminder:

There is currently a glitch with Team Unify where the times posted on the job report page (if you use the time report function on Team Unify) don't match the time indicated on the actual event - they are off by an hour. When noting your times for any shifts, bingo or volunteer, please refer to the times listed on the actual event sign up page.

Also, bingo shifts will always be at the same time, unless otherwise indicated. For your information, please note the following: 

Daytime shifts:10:45 - 4
Evening shifts 4:45 - 10 PM
Evening/late nights are 4:45 to midnight

2019 Edmonton Oil Kings Aquatic Appreciation (and Star Wars!) Night!

Are you looking for something fun this Family Day to beat the winter blues?

Have you ever wanted to stand in the same room as a former Olympic medalist, and her medal? 

Have you ever wanted to high-five some of the brightest, young hockey stars as they walk out onto the ice?

Have you ever wanted to dress up as your favorite Star Wars character while getting to be on the big screen? 

Boy, have we got an event for you!

This Family Day (Monday, Feb. 18, 2019,) Edmonton Keyano Swim Club is invited to the 2019 Aquatics Night at the Edmonton Oil Kings game. Before the game, you'll have the opportunity to listen to a talk from Cheryl Gibson, an Olympic silver medalist in the 400IM at the 1976 Summer Olympic Games in Montreal. During the game, the swimmers will be able to stand in the high five tunnel and high five the hockey players as they head out onto the ice. Edmonton Keyano will get a special shout-out during the game, with our logo, and you, on the big screen! 

And, to top it all off, it's also Star Wars night, meaning you'll have an excuse to finally dust off that old Wookiee costume of yours! 

Further, as an appendix to our fundraising Chuck-a-Puck event with the Oil Kings held earlier this season, we're able to offer the tickets at $18.00 a ticket - the lowest price on the market.

Invite your friends, family, neighbours and schoolmates. We'd love have you all there! 


When: Monday, Feb. 18, 2019, 2:00pm game time (12:00pm for the talk with Cheryl Gibson)

Where: Rogers Arena, Edmonton

What: Edmonton Oil Kings Aquatic Night and Star Wars Night!    

Cost: $18.00 a ticket.

Please RSVP on the event page (or click here!) and indicate how many tickets you would like per family! 

Swimmer's of the Month!

Congratulations to all our January Swimmer's of the Month!


Gold: Sydney Dunnill
Sydney is this month's swimmer of the month because of her great attitude and excellent work ethic in practice. She's been focusing on the little skills and that's really shown in her races.  

Silver: Jason Xin 
Jason is always ready to listen and work hard at practice! His freestyle kick has improved so much in the past month, and I’m excited to see his performance at the next meet! Keep up the great work Jason !

Bronze: Naren Naidu-Barrett
Naren has worked hard in January and stepped up in the group, which has not only elevated his own swimming, but also challenged the rest of the group to bring their best to every practice. His focus on his technique and willingness to take in corrections for his stroke has translated into significant progress in practices, as well as his races!


National: Teagan Vander Leek
Teagan has had an outstanding start to the season recently highlighted by a dominating set of performances at Blue Bears where she won 5 events all in best times. Teagan always gives her best effort in training and more over does it with a smile!!

Junior Championship: Allyssa Jerace
Allyssa has had a solid month of training. She's been showing up every day committed to improving her events and skills. Way to go Allyssa. 

Junior Championship: Garrett Brendzan
Garrett had a stellar blue bears meet and has been showing up to practice with a great attitude. He's hard at work with his skills and his racing has been reflective of that. 

Youth Development: Lola Blake

Coming from high school swimming she has been working very hard on further developing her strokes and learning a new perspective in the pool. She has amazing energy every practice and is a great teammate as well has made very major improvements in her technique, strength and confidence in the water.

Provincial: Katie Williams

Katie had a great month of training and it showed in her performances at the Blue Bears meet. She has made lots of skill improvement in her backstroke which she turned from a weakness coming into the season into one of her best strokes. Katie always comes with a smile to practice ready to work hard.

Gold: Mayia Hitchings 
Mayia has been keen on improving her strokes all season. She races extremely hard and is not afraid to take on new events. 

Silver: Cora Edwards

She’s made significant progress over the past couple of months. She sets an example for the newer swimmers in the group and has worked hard to improve her kick among other things.


Silver: Aswath Govind

Aswath is a great addition to our Terwillegar Silver group! His positive attitude at practice and work ethic is contagious among the other swimmers, and he's working to improve his skills! Keep it up Aswath

Bronze: Jonas Broening-Chai

It is Jonas’s first year of swimming and he has already improved so much as an all-around athlete. Jonas attends every practice and is always excited to swim, even when practice is over. He regularly comes to swim meets and works hard to apply the skills we have been working on in practice. His efforts pay off as he is our latest festival qualifier! His dedication to swimming and positive attitude pushes his whole team to work harder, and creates a very positive environment in the pool. Congratulations Jonas, keep up the great work!


Bronze: Savannah Long

She’s been consistent with practice and applies all corrections given to her. She always has a positive attitude and is motivating to her peers. 


Gold: Finley Minskip

Finley is a hard-working swimmer with a strong understanding of all four strokes, has awesome energy in practice and is doing extremely well working towards achieving some provincial times.

Silver: Jimmy Bergman

Jimmy always has a positive attitude, comes to the pool with a big smile on his face every day and is always ready to put in his best effort. He is always eager to swim fast and improve & it showed at Blue Bears where he achieved 100% best times. 

Bronze: Phoebe Charleson

Phoebe has had a great month in January- she works hard, shows leadership in the group, and is always super positive on deck! Her kick is improving tons and her streamlines have been looking awesome. Keep up the great work Phoebe!


Interview with: Vida Wagenseil!

From time-to-time, our satellite coaches will interview a swimmer in their group. This interview will then be shared with our membership in our weekly newsletter. It's a great opportunity to get to know some of the awesome swimmers we have in our club!

Here we have Vida Wagenseil, a Meadows Gold, interviewed by her coach, Kiersten!

Q: What is your favourite stroke and why? 
A: "Butterfly and because it pushes me past my limits when I swim"

Q: What is your favourite thing to do when you aren't swimming? 
A:  " Math because I am really good at it. I especially like logistics" 

Q: What is your biggest goal related to swimming over the next year? 
A: " I would have to say getting a provincial time in my 50 fly... i'm so close" 

Q: . What is your least favourite stroke? 
A:  " Freestyle" 

Q Favourite food? 
A: "Artichokes dipped in butter and salt."

Q: Favourite colour? 
A: "Purple" 

Q: Favourite place you have travelled 
A: " Hawaii and soon to be Australia" 

Q: Do you have any pets? 
A: "I have a dog named dexter" 

Q: What so you want to be when you grow up? 
A: "Mechanical engineer, I really like science, math and electricity!"

Thanks Vida!

EKSC Bear Cubs Race Series

Thank you to everyone who came out for the first day of our first Bear Cubs Race Series! By the last 25 freestyle, all the swimmers were seasoned heat sheet readers and marshaling veterans. We sure love seeing all the young swimmers having fun and learning together - that's what the sport is about!

Our second Bear Cubs Race day is coming up at the end of the month, so mark your calendars!

This block we will be running a series of 3 inter club racing nights for our Bronze, Silver and Gold groups. The Bear Cubs Race Series will be held during regular Wednesday evening training times at The Kinsman. The nights are designed to provide a less chaotic introduction to the fun of swim meet racing for our development swimmers.


All our EKSC coaches will be on hand to:

  • teach our development swimmers the processes and procedures of a swim meet e.g. how to read a heat sheet, how to report to marshalling, starting procedures etc.

  • teach some more specific race skills e.g. Starts, breath control, finishing etc.

  • practice pre and post race briefing


The series will also serve as practice for our Club officiating volunteers.


For the first two evenings only the Bronze and Silver groups will be involved. For the final evening of the series in March the Gold groups will also be involved.



Groups Involved

Events Offered


Wednesday 30th January


Swimmers on deck 4:45 pm for warm up

Events conclude by 6:30pm



6 x 25 Freestyle

Introduction to swim meets


How to read a heat sheet.


Specific race skills focus

Wednesday 27th February


Swimmers on deck 4:45 pm for warm up

Events conclude by 6:30pm



6 x 25 Fly, Back, Breast

Specific race skills focus

Wednesday 20th March


Swimmers on deck 4:15 pm for warm up


Events conclude by 6:30pm





3 x 50 Back, Breast, Free

1 x 25 or 1 x 50 Butterfly

May be sanctioned.




We would very much encourage all our Development swimmers to participate in the series. There is no need to pre-commit to the evenings just show up on the Wednesday nights at the above mentioned times and have fun!!!

Bronze Programming

Just a few notes about the Bronze programming for the remainder of the season…

Session Confed Meadows Terwillegar Royal Glenora

January 7
March 24

Omit Dates:
Mon Feb 18

Omit Dates:
Fri Feb 1

Move Dates:
Fri Mar 1 (to Conf)

Omit Dates:
Fri Mar 1

Move Dates:
Fri Feb 1 (to Conf)

Omit Dates:
Mon Feb 18

April 8
June 19

Omit Dates:
Fri Apr 19
Mon Apr 22
Mon May 20

Make-up (for omit):
Fri Jun 21

Omit Dates:
Fri Apr 19
Tue May 21

Omit Dates:
Fri Apr 19
Sun Apr 21

Omit Dates:
Fri Apr 19
Mon Apr 22
Mon May 20

Make-up (for omit):
Fri Jun 21

Training Schedule
The chart above aims to give everyone a head’s up before the sessions start so you can see when/where we can foresee changes to the regular schedule. We may still have to deal with City of Edmonton facility issues, but those are generally few and far between. “Omit Date” means there will be no training on that date; “Move Date” means that training for your pool is moved to the noted pool; “Make-up” means a practice was added on the given date to balance the number of practices between pools.

Dropping the Fee for Session Three
It has a lovely rhyme to it. In short, we have recalculated the fees for Session 3 based on the number of workouts impacted by holidays and PD days and a slightly shorter session overall than we had planned. Rather than extending the swimming session after the school year is done, we have decided to finish the same week as school and reduce the Session 3 cost from $545 to $475.

Bear Birthdays!

Zachary Bowie
Lucas Kato
Aleksandr Lapshin
Alia Ahmed
Jakob Chan

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