The Bear Facts: April 18, 2019

Brea Elford
Apr 18, 2019

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Welcome to the twenty-sixth issue of The Bear Facts: a weekly source for all things Keyano! 

It's a long one... grab a tea and start reading!

In this issue you will find:

1. The Bear Essentials:
  • Upcoming Events
  • Easter Weekend office hours
  • Check your fundraising commitment!
  • Team Unify glitch
  • Keyano team photo day - April 24.
2. Club News
  • Easter practice schedule
  • Bronze session 3 schedule
  • Bear Cubs Series
  • Hockey Playoffs in Edmonton! : Oil Kings tickets available
  • Update to EKSC policy on outstanding member accounts
  • Bingo shift commitment policy changes
  • Edmonton Keyano Photo Day: April 24, 2019
3. Club Fundraising
  • 2019 Swim-a-thon
  • 2019 Edmonton Keyano Raffle
4. Celebrating our Bears:
  • Swim Meet Recap: Dino Cup!
  • 2019 Western Canada Summer Games team selection
  • Swim Meet Recap: 2019 Speedo Western Canadian Championships
5. Upcoming Events:
  • EKI Junior Session (formally Bearfest)
  • EKI
  • Silvertide Silver Cup
6. Bear Birthdays!

Note: The newsletters are posted in the News section on the homepage, should you ever need to revisit them or see a record of our communications!

Thank you for reading. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Keyano office. 

Go Bears!

The Bear Essentials

Upcoming events:

Date: Event: Location Groups
April 24 Keyano Photo Day Edmonton (Kinsmen) All groups
May 01 Session 3: Bear Cubs Race Series #1 Edmonton (Kinsmen) Bronze, Silver
May 11-12 EKI Junior Session (formally Bearfest) Edmonton (Kinsmen) Bronze, Silver
May 10-12 EKI Edmonton (Kinsmen) G, Prov, YD, JC, Nat
May 15 Keyano Swim-a-thon Edmonton (Kinsmen) All groups
May 23-26 Mel Zajac International Vancouver National, JC
May 24-26 Silver Cup Edmonton (Kinsmen) Silver, Gold, Prov., YD, JC

*More information on upcoming events found online.

Holiday weekend office hours:

The office will be closed tomorrow (April 19, 2019). Regular office hours will resume Monday. (April 22, 2019)

Fundraising Commitment:

For those that have been trying to access their year-to-date fundraising amounts on the website, thank you for your patience! After many hours on the phone with Team Unify, Colleen has worked her magic, so you should now once again be able to view your fundraising amounts under your account information.

To view your fundraising: login to the Keyano website --- click 'my account' --- click ' invoices and payment' --- click the 'fundraising' tab (3rd tab from the left.

Note: this number does not include the Easter Purdy's order. If you notice any discrepencies, please  contact Colleen at

Team Unify glitch:

It's been brought to our attention that some members are unable to use or access the team unify website on mobile devices. We're looking into this, but in the meantime, you can still use the website functions on desktops, or via the OnDeck app. (note: for the OnDeck app, the username and password will be the same you would use to login to the website.)

Keyano team photo day!

Mark your calendars, we are doing our annual photo day on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 (THAT's NEXT WEDNESDAY!). We're excited to be working with a new photography company - ICON Experience. The schedule and group roster was sent out this week. Please double check that your swimmer is on that roster, and name spelling is correct. If there are any errors, please let me know as soon as possible as I need to pass on that information to the photographers. Please read on for more information about the photo day!!

Keyano finishes first overall in the club standings at the 2019 Speedo Western Canadian Championships!

Club News

Easter Practice Schedule

Good Friday No Training (except Provincial Group and above, as per your coach)
Saturday No Training
Easter Sunday No Training
Easter Monday All regular Monday groups are training on Monday, as per the email below.
A short explanation about Easter Monday... we've had a weird series of complications with the city where until yesterday we had Confederation Pool booked for our usual satellite switch. As of yesterday this is no longer the case - the pool is closing its doors at 4:00pm. Also as of late yesterday, the RGC gave us notice that they would be closing the pool on Easter Monday as well. So, we have scrambled up an official plan for Monday, as follows:
** Easter Monday practices are all at KINSMEN **
** Any groups that do not usually train on a Monday are off as usual, and will follow their regular training schedule for the week **
National & Jr Champ 10:00-noon -- 
Youth Development 3:00-5:00pm -- 
Gold 5:00-6:30pm Moved from: Confed, Kinsmen, Meadows, RGC, Terwillegar
Silver 5:15-6:30pm Moved from: RGC & Terwillegar
Bronze 5:30-6:30pm Moved from: Confed & RGC


Bronze Session 3 – Schedule 

Here are the Key Dates for Session 3:
Confederation Meadows Royal Glenora Terwillegar
First Practice:
Last Practice:

Mon Apr 8
Wed Jun 19

Tue Apr 9
Wed Jun 19

Mon Apr 8
Wed Jun 19

Wed Apr 9
Wed Jun 19

Omit Dates:
Fri Apr 19
Mon May 20

Fri Apr 19
Tue May 21

Fri Apr 19
Mon May 20

Fri Apr 19
Sun Apr 21


And don’t forget, if a new member joins a satellite program as a result of a member’s referral, Keyano offers a referral credit of $50. The more the merrier at Keyano!


Bear Cubs Series (May-June series)

It's the final cycle of the season already! It has been a blast seeing the kids out at the Bear Cubs Series so far. 
For those who are new to the Bear Cubs Series of Race Nights, this takes place about once a month on a regular Wednesday evening. This is for all Bronze and Silver swimmers, in lieu of their usual practice. There is no sign-up required and no cost; just show up like its a special practice - because that's what it is :)
Our aim is to get our youngest kids so used to racing each other that they have a leg up on the competition when they get to larger invitational swim meets. We teach all of the important skills and rules of swim competitions without the stress of dozens of officials and other teams to distract us. Best of all, everyone who finishes their races gets a ribbon with their official time recorded on the back as a special keepsake. 
The final 3 Bear Cubs Series Race Nights are coming up:
  - Wednesday, May 1st from 4:45-6:30pm (racing starts at 5:30pm)
      This will be a series of Freestyle races with a focus on legal and fast starts
  - Wednesday, May 29 from 4:45-6:30pm (racing starts at 5:30pm)
      This will be a series of Non-Freestyle races, again legal and fast starts and strokes
  - Wednesday, June 19 from 4:15-6:30pm (racing starts at 5:00pm)
      This will be a Club Champs event, with sanctioned times and lots of team cheers
      A BBQ and team awards will follow from 6:45-7:30pm in the field next to the Bear Park
Please note, there is a lot of planning that goes into getting all of the kids into Heats and Lanes in little more than 30 minutes from seeing their smiling faces. It is very important to be on time for us to include your swimmer in the heat sheet for Bear Cubs Race Night. We will include everyone who is on deck 15 min prior to race start, and will do our best to include swimmers who arrive late (this will stress your swimmer, so please do everything you can to arrive on time).
We hope to see all Silver and Bronze swimmers again at our Bear Cubs Series!

Hockey Playoffs in Edmonton!! - Oil Kings tickets available!

The Oil Kings have moved on to the WHL Eastern Conference Finals. Games in Edmonton are:

Game 3: Tue Apr 23 - 7:00pm MT
Game 4: Wed Apr 24 - 7:00pm MT 
Game 6: Sun Apr 28 - 2:00pm MT

Follow this link and use the discount code SWIM to get your tickets for $18 instead of $29. 

There are good seats while they last, you can even choose blue-line seats in the lower bowl. Have a great time with your family at the game :)

Update to the EKSC Policy on Outstanding Member Accounts

Please note that at our April board meeting, our Board of Directors approved one change to our Policy on Outstanding Member Accounts. 

Moving forward, there will no longer be different policies depending on the amount owing for any accounts with a balance owing >30 days. Accounts with any amount owing after 30 days will all be contacted, with the intent of resolving any issues quickly through effective communication. 

For your information, the full policy is available on our website under Parents > Club Documents and explains the full escalation of follow up that occurs when a member has a balance owing.


Bingo Shift Commitment Policy – Approved Changes

On Tuesday, March 19 th , 2019, the EKSC Board of Directors voted to make two changes to our current Bingo Shift Commitment Policy, under the recommendation of the Keyano members’ Bingo Committee.

These changes are effective immediately:

1. Double Credit Bingos will be renamed Extra Credit Bingos and carry a maximum of $75 Account Credit per 1.0 shift bingo or $150 per 1.5 shift bingo. (These extra credit bingos remain for special circumstances, like last minute additions of an event or no-shows by members. This is the maximum account credit allowed under AGLC rules and regulations).

2. Members may only sign-up for Bingos for non-commitment after the bingo sign-up closes (13 days from the event). Members must contact the Bingo Coordinator to sign-up for non-commitment. (This allows for better management of Non-Commitment sign-ups. We ask that members follow our policy and do not sign up for non-commitment before the sign up deadline. To sign-up for non-commitment, simply contact Christine Reeves,, within the 13-day window before an available shift).

Fulfilling your Bingo Shift Commitment

Please ensure that you have a plan to complete your bingo commitment before August 31, 2019. According to our policy, members who have not fulfilled their commitment must have signed up for their remaining commitment by July 1 of each season to avoid possible non-fulfillment charges.

Members will be given every opportunity to work their shifts, but please stay on top of your shift commitment to avoid non-fulfillment. There have been many bingo shift openings on weeknights, weekends and weekdays in the past few months.

Please check the event sign-up page often and contact the Christine Reeves,, if you need assistance in signing up or finding a bingo shift.

Edmonton Keyano Photo Day: April 24, 2019

*** Please visit Swimmers ---> 2019 Keyano Photo Day (or click this link) for a PDF of this itinerary and more detailed information for the BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD Individual photo schedule.***

Note: You will be emailed an online code after the photo day where you can purchase any additional photos you may want.

Master Schedule
3:00-3:30pm National – Individual Photos
3:30pm National – Group Photo
3:30-4:15pm Jr Champ – Individual Photos (as many as arrive early)
4:15-4:30pm Silver – Individual Photos (group 1)
4:30-4:45pm Silver – Individual Photos (group 2)
4:45-5:00pm Silver – Individual Photos (group 3)
5:00pm Gold – Group Photo
5:05pm Jr Champ – Group Photo
5:10pm Silver – Group Photo
5:15-5:30pm Jr Champ – Individual Photos (all remaining individuals)
5:30-5:45pm Gold – Individual Photos (group 1)
5:45-6:00pm Gold – Individual Photos (group 2)
6:00-6:15pm Gold – Individual Photos (group 3)
6:15-6:30pm Bronze – Individual Photos (group 1)
6:30-6:45pm Bronze – Individual Photos (group 2)
6:45-7:00pm Bronze – Individual Photos (group 3)
7:00pm Provincial – Group Photo
7:05pm Youth Development – Group Photo
7:10pm Bronze – Group Photo
7:15-7:30pm Provincial – Individual Photos
7:30-7:45pm Youth Development – Individual Photos
7:45-8:00pm Flex time…

Important Notes for Picture Day:
  • Please be on time for your group’s photos (we have little room for error with over 250 individuals scheduled over 4.5 hours… missing your scheduled slot may result in missing your photo)
  • Please bring your RED KEYANO T-SHIRT
  • Please have only swimmers on the pool deck. We may be using the bleachers on deck for the group photo; parents can watch from the viewing area upstairs.
Process for Individual Action Shot stations:
  1. Meet in lane 1 of Competition Pool… **Across from the side with the blocks**
  2. You will line up in alphabetical order according to the Master Group List
    1. Any swimmers added to the list for any reason will be told where to go… please listen carefully
  3. Name confirmation with a designated Keyano coach
  4. PHOTO ONE: A crossed-arm “still shot” with photographer #1
  5. PHOTO TWO: Swimmers will swim either Butterfly or Breaststroke across the pool for photographer #2
Process for Group Photo stations:
  1. Please wear your RED KEYANO T-SHIRT
  2. Meet by the Group Photo Bleachers, between the two pools
    1. There may be more than one group awaiting group photos, so please await instructions
  3. Quickly enter the bleachers upon instruction from the photographers
  4. GROUP PHOTO: All swimmers in a particular group of the club will have a group picture together


4:00pm                                 All Silver Swimmers meet on Warm-up area bleachers
4:00-4:15pm                       Explanation and dividing into groups for “individual action shot” pictures
Silver – Group 1 Individual Action Shots Silver – Group 3
Swimming in warm-up pool TBD
Silver – Group 2 Back on deck 10min Dryland
+5min to line up in order
Silver – Group 2 Individual Action Shots Silver – Group 1
Swimming in warm-up pool TBD
Silver – Group 3 Back on deck 10min Dryland
+5min to line up in order
Silver – Group 3 Individual Action Shots Silver – Group 2
Swimming in warm-up pool TBD
Silver – Group 1 Back on deck 10min Dryland
+5min to line up in order
5:00-5:15pm                       GROUP PHOTO – All Silver Swimmers together 5:15pm              All Silver Swimmers dismissed


4:15-5:00pm                       All Gold Swimmers meet for Dryland as usual for Wednesdays 5:00-5:15pm       GROUP PHOTO – All Gold Swimmers together
5:15-5:30pm                       Explanation and dividing into groups for “individual action shot” pictures
Gold – Group 1 Individual Action Shots Gold – Group 3
Swimming in warm-up pool
Gold – Group 2
Swimming in competition pool
Gold – Group 2 Individual Action Shots Gold – Group 1
Swimming in warm-up pool
Gold – Group 3
Swimming in competition pool
Gold – Group 3 Individual Action Shots Gold – Group 2
Swimming in warm-up pool
Gold – Group 1
Swimming in competition pool
6:15pm                                 All Gold Swimmers dismissed


6:00pm                                 All Bronze Swimmers meet on Warm-up area bleachers
6:00-6:15pm                       Explanation and dividing into groups for “individual action shot” pictures
Bronze – Group 1 Individual Action Shots Bronze – Group 3
Swimming in warm-up pool
Bronze – Group 2 Back on Deck 10min Dryland
+5min to line up in order
Bronze – Group 2 Individual Action Shots Bronze – Group 1
Swimming in warm-up pool
Bronze – Group 3 Back on Deck 10min Dryland
+5min to line up in order
Bronze – Group 3 Individual Action Shots Bronze – Group 2
Swimming in warm-up pool
Bronze – Group 1 Back on Deck 10min Dryland
+5min to line up in order
7:00-7:15pm                       GROUP PHOTO – All Bronze Swimmers together 7:15pm              All Bronze Swimmers dismissed


INATIONAL – Picture Day!

3:00-3:30pm                       Individual Action Shots
3:30-3:45pm                       Group Photo

Jr CHAMP – Picture Day!

3:45-4:15pm                       Individual Action Shots (as many as possible) 5:00-5:15pm    Group Photo
5:15-5:30pm                       Individual Action Shots (all remaining individuals)

PROVINCIAL – Picture Day!

7:00-7:15pm                       Group Photo
7:15-7:30pm                       Individual Action Shots


7:00-7:15pm                       Group Photo
7:30-7:45pm                       Individual Action Shots

Club Fundraising

2019 Swim-A-Thon

Hello Bears!

Swim-A-Thon Early Bird Winner:

Congratulations to Samson Pretzlaff. He is the winner of the $50 gift card! 

Next Wednesday is the draw for the red Speedo backpack. To win the backpack you must follow this link to sign up for swimathon and raise at least $50 before next Wednesday. 

So far, there are only 44 kids signed up, so there is a high chance of winning. Let’s try to double that number before next Wednesday. 

Things to remember:

1. Every donor who enters $10 gets entered into a draw for great prizes including a $500 West Jet gift card from Hydro Eagle Daylighting!

2. Kids who fundraise also have a chance to win great prizes, including 4 pairs of goggles that come with a $25 gift card from

3. 100% of what you raise at swimathon counts toward your fundraising commitment.

3. If you raise over your fundraising commitment, 80% goes directly to your account to offset swimming costs and 20% goes to Keyano to improve our program. 

4. We are still accepting prizes. We are also looking for a company or individual that would be interested in donating any amount to any charity of their choice if the kids manage to swim 500000m on the day of swimathon. Contact Tanya Lastovka at if you are able to donate.


When: Wednesday, May 15, 2019 

Where: Kinsmen Sports Centre

Fundraising Goal: $20,000.00

(Fundraising End Date): May 16, 2019

2019 Edmonton Keyano Raffle

Edmonton Keyano 50/50 Raffle
Over $9,000 possible in prizes!!
All fundraising goes towards your fundraising commitment!!
Edmonton Keyano Swim Club is holding a 50/50 raffle in conjunction with the Edmonton Keyano International (EKI) Swim Meet,  with the draw being held on  the final evening of the swim meet on Sunday, May 12  th .   We need your help to make this raffle a success.  
Ticket sales will go toward helping Keyano families meet their fundraising commitments (50% will go to prizes and 50% will go to family fundraising commitments).  If families sell beyond their annual fundraising commitment, all further sales can be applied to your Edmonton Keyano account as Account Credit equal to 40% of those further sales.  
Tickets are on sale now! 
How it works...
Raffle Chairperson: Murray Baldwin (call or text 780-860-8923)
Selling Tickets: Families need only sign-out a pack of tickets from the raffle chairperson to begin selling tickets ($5 each). $2.50 per ticket sold from your pack(s) will be credited to your fundraising commitment. 
Eligibility to buy Tickets: You can sell to anyone over the age of 18, including club members. The sale must take place in Alberta (you may sell to someone from outside the province or country as long as the sale takes place in Alberta). Be sure not to write the name of anyone under the age of 18 on a ticket, as this will make the ticket un-claimable under AGLC rules. Our full raffle policy is on the EKSC website.
When/How to get tickets:  Tickets will be available starting Saturday, April 6  at the Kinsmen Sport Centre during regular practice time from 7:00-9:30am, and will also be easily picked up during the Western Canadian Championships held at the Kinsmen Sport Centre next Thursday, April 11 through Sunday, April 14. 
To pick up tickets or for any other questions, you can contact Murray Baldwin by call or text at 780-860-8923.

Celebrating our Bears:

Swim Meet Recap: Dino Cup!

Keyano Bears swim amazingly at Dino Cup!
Eleven EKSC 10&under swimmers headed out on a very special road trip down to Calgary for the Dino Cup this weekend. This is one of Alberta’s oldest development meets; one that some of our parents remember attending a couple decades ago.
One of the coolest sources of good memories when looking back at your time in swimming is always the travel competitions. Lots of time on deck with just a few of your teammates; travelling down with family at first, and later with your team and staying in team hotels; and, meeting new people and seeing new places.
Dino Cup is often the first travel competition experience for young swimmers in Keyano. While fun is the name of the game at this early age, we also recognize that development accelerates from exposure and Calgary is both a new environment for most of our 10&unders, and also has nearly 5 times the 10&under swimming population as Edmonton – making that city feel generally more competitive and intense. Keyano is a little bit remote in terms of top swimming programs but is one of the biggest and most successful swim clubs in Canadian history (including a current Western Canadian Championship banner won just this weekend!) because we stay connected so that we can keep on the leading edge for each generation of super swimmers.
Our eleven swimmers had a great time, making the most of the small traveling squad to place amongst the strongest teams at the meet. Congratulations to all of the kids for giving your best effort in your races and getting some new best times!
Here is a quick recap of the weekend’s results:
Sophia Chin (9yo girls)
st 100 Free
st 100 IM
nd 50 Breast
rd 100 Back
st 100 Breast
st 200 IM
th 50 Back
st 200 Free
Abigail Craig (8yo girls)
st 100 Free
th 100 IM
th 50 Breast
th 100 Breast
10 th 25 Fly
th 50 Free
th 50 Back
rd 200 Free
Jake Fairey (8yo boys)
st 100 Free
st 100 IM
st 50 Breast
st 100 Breast
st 200 IM
nd 50 Free
nd 50 Back
Alyssa Hiley (10yo girls)
th 100 Free
13 th 100 IM
10 th 50 Breast
15 th 100 Back
th 100 Breast
18 th 50 Free
23 rd 50 Back
th 200 Free
Jax Lund (9yo boys)
17 th 100 Free
16 th 50 Breast
18 th 100 Back
16 th 100 Breast
11 th 200 IM
38 th 50 Free
15 th 200 Free
Carys McGlade (9yo girls)
th 100 Free
th 100 IM
th 50 Breast
th 100 Back
th 100 Breast
rd 200 IM
12 th 50 Free
th 50 Back
Carter Pretzlaff (9yo boys)
34 th 100 Free
th 25 Back
27 th 100 Back
11 th 25 Free
15 th 25 Fly
36 th 50 Free
27 th 50 Back
Samson Pretzlaff (11yo boys)
23 rd 100 Free
28 th 100 IM
26 th 50 Breast
21 st 100 Back
29 th 100 Breast
28 th 50 Free
28 th 50 Back
12 th 200 Free
Claire Qiu (9yo girls)
nd 100 Free
rd 100 IM
st 50 Breast
nd 100 Back
nd 100 Breast
st 50 Free
rd 50 Back
Reese Strawson (8yo girls)
26 th 25 Back
30 th 100 Back
24 th 25 Free
34 th 50 Free
46 th 50 Back
Aven Unger (9yo girls)
22 nd 100 Free
15 th 50 Breast
26 th 100 Back
19 th 100 Breast
15 th 200 IM
35 th 50 Back
11 th 200 Free
Go Bears!

2019 Western Canada Summer Games: team selection

Congratulations to the following swimmers who have been selected to represent Team Alberta at the 2019 Western Canada Summer Games!:
Teagan Vander Leek
Shayne Bowie
Emma Finlin
Mattea Lastovka
Joshua Baldwin
Garrett Brendzan

These athletes will travel to Swift Current, Saskatchewan August 8-13, 2019 to represent Key

Go Bears!

Swim Meet Recap: 2019 Speedo Western Canadian Championships

Last week 43 Keyano Bears competed in Edmonton at the 2019 Western Canadian Championships. Over the 4 day competition, Keyano was in a tough battle with the Calgary teams for the High Point club award that saw many lead changes. On day 4 Keyano pulled away and captured the Western Canadian Championship Banner.
800 Free
Emma O’Croinin Gold                
Gabrielle Dunn Bronze
Casey Riess Gold
Michael Antifaoff Silver
200 free
Emma O'Croinin Gold                
Christey Liang Bronze
Emma O’Croinin Bronze
 200 free
Kier Przyswitt Bronze
 200 breastroke
Fred Kamminga Gold
4x100 free relay
Gold Kyla N, Christey L, Teagan V, Emma O
 100 Free
Emma O'Croinin Gold
Teagan Vander Leek Silver
Kier Przyswitt Gold
100 Breastroke 
Pilar McCann Bronze
Fred Kamminga Silver
50 Fly
Teagan Vander Leek Silver
Sterlyng Blair Silver
400 IM
Emma O'Croinin Gold
Olivia Brendzan Silver
4x200 free relay
Christey L, Kyla N, Emma O, Teagan V- Gold  
Kier P, Michael A, Nathan V, Casey R
400 free
Emma O'Croinin Gold                
Nathan Versluys Bronze
100 fly
Kier Przyswitt Bronze
Sterlyng Blair Gold
50 Breastroke
Pilar McCann Silver
4x100 Medley Relay
Emma O, Pilar M, Teagan V, Christey L Gold
Kail K, Fred K, Sterlyng B, Kier P Silver
200 back
Emma O'Croinin Silver in a time of 2:17.22 breaking the Keyano club record for 15-17 set 20 years ago!
50 Free
Teagan Vander Leek Gold, lowering her own club record for 13-14 females
Emma O'Croinin Bronze
200 IM
Emma O'Croinin Silver                
1500 free
Emma O'Croinin Gold
Gabrielle Dunn Bronze
800 free
Drew Edwards Silver
Michael Antifaoff Gold
Casey Riess Bronze
4x100 mixed medley relay
Emma O, Fred K, Sterlyng B,Teagan V- Silver
Kail K, Pilar M, Kier P, Christey L – Bronze
Emma O'Croinin finished as the high point winner of the meet in the 13-15 female category!
Congratulations to all the Bears who competed at Westerns!
Lauren Anderson
Michael Antifaoff
Joshua Baldwin
Elijah Basler
Meghan Berrigan
Stelyng Blair
Anna Blevins
Shayne Bowie
Garrett Brendzan
Olivia Brendzan
Destin Chan
Sarah Chomey
Angela Corsaro
Hannah Cossey
Alana Devlin
Gabrielle Dunn
Drew Edwards
Emma Finlin
Claire Francis
Ellie Hickson
Madison Hudyma
Allyssa Jerace
Lydia Johnson
Fred Kamminga
Kail Ketelaars
Olivia Kidd
Matthea Lang
Alexandr Laphin
Christey Liang
Pilar McCann
Kyla Nelson
Emma O’Croinin
Emmeline O’Kelly
Kendel Przyswitt
Kier Przyswitt
Casey Riess
Sophia Robertson
Alin Thorkelsson
Jagdeeh Uppal
Kier Vander Leek
Teagan Vander Leek
Nathan Versluys
Michael WIlliams

Upcoming Events

EKI (Junior Session)
May 11-12, 2019
Where:  Kinsmen Sport Center,9100 Walterdale Hill
Entry Fees: $14 per event
Signup Deadline       April 16, 2019
Cancellation Deadline: April 22, 2019
Policy: In order to attend, you must sign-up online under the Events tab at
Contact Coach:

Desmond Lam –

Competition Website:
Event Schedule:



100 Fly
50 Br
100 Free
50 Back
200 IM
100 Br
50 Free
100 Back
50 fly
200 free time trial

Warmup 11:30am



Eligible Swimmers:
Silver Group
Bronze Group


May 10-12, 2019
Where:  Kinsmen Sport Center,9100 Walterdale Hill
Entry Fees: $14 per event
Signup Deadline April 16, 2019
Cancellation Deadline: April 22, 2019
Policy: In order to attend, you must sign-up online under the Events tab at
Contact Coach:

Desmond Lam –

Competition Website:
Event Schedule:




50 Br
100 Fly
100 Br
50 Back
800 Free
200 Fly
50 Free
200 Br
100 Back
400 Free
200 Free
50 Fly
200 Back
100 Free

Warmup Heats: 8:30am

Finals 4pm

Warmup heats: 8:30am

Finals 4pm

Warmup heats: 8:30am

Finals 4pm

Eligible Swimmers:
Gold Group
Provincial group
Youth Development Group
Junior Championship Group
Inational Group

Silvertide Silver Cup
May 25-26, 2019
Where:  Kinsmen Sport Center,9100 Walterdale Hill
Entry Fees: $11.50 per event
Signup Deadline April 22, 2019
Cancellation Deadline: May 8, 2019
Policy: In order to attend, you must sign-up online under the Events tab at
Contact Coach:

Desmond Lam –

Competition Website:
Event Schedule:



100 Fr
50 Br
100 Back
50 Fly
200 Fr
200 IM
50 Free
100 Fly
50 back
100 Breast
400 Free

Warmup 11am


Eligible Swimmers:
Silver Group
Bronze Group
Gold Group
Youth Development
Junior Championship

Click here to sign up for events!: 


Bear Birthdays!


Ramsey Adams
Teagan Vander Leek
Mia Lastovka
Mckenna Milroy


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