The Bear Facts: June 07, 2019

Brea Elford
Jun 7, 2019


This is just one of the amazing images from the EKI and EKI Junior Photo Fundraiser. For more information on how you can purchase and download these images, scroll on to the fundraising section of the newsletter. Any pictures purchased before June 12 will count towards your fundraising commitment. 
Welcome to the thirty-second issue of The Bear Facts: a weekly source for all things Keyano! 

In this issue you will find:

1. The Bear Essentials:
  • Upcoming Events
  • Strategic Plan: uploaded to website
  • Annual fundraising reconciliation: billable July 01
  • Participation points reconciliation: billable June 01
  • Team photos available for pick-up
  • Save the date: AGM 
  • Year-end BBQ: Need volunteers
  • Year-end BBQ: sign up today!
  • Edmonton Keyano Summer Camps open for registration
2. Club News
  • Bronze session 3 schedule
  • Bear Cubs Series/Red, White and Blue: June 19, 2019
3. Club Fundraising
  • 2019 EKI and EKI Junior Photo Fundraiser
4. Celebrating our Bears
  • Swimmer write-ups: Emerge Camp
  • 2019 Swim Alberta Summer Festival
5. Bear Birthdays!

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Thank you for reading. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Keyano office. 

Go Bears!

The Bear Essentials

Upcoming events:

Date: Event: Location Groups
June 01 OSC 10 & U St. Albert Bronze, Silver
June 01-02 Alberta Festival St. Albert Bronze, Silver, Bronze
June 07-09 Freeze or Fry Red Deer Silver, Gold, YD
June 06-09 CSI Calgary Prov., JC., National
June 06-11 Phoenix Invitational Phoenix Provincial, JC
June 12 AGM Kinsmen ALL PARENTS!
June 14-16 Provincials Calgary Gold, Provincial, JC
June 19 Bear Cubs #6 and year end BBQ! Kinsmen Bear Cubs: Silver, Bronze
BBQ: All groups!

*More information on upcoming events found online.

2019 Strategic Plan:

The 2019 Strategic Plan is up on the website. Please visit the Parents ---> Club Documents tab on our website to give it a read! 

Annual fundraising reconciliation:

Due to the delay with the Swim-A-Thon fundraiser and the ongoing EKI photo fundraiser, fundraising amounts will be posted to your account on June 15, and made billable July 01. 

In the mean time, you can visit your account to see your fundraising balance (minus anything raised for the Swim-A-Thon and/or the EKI photo fundraiser.) 

Participation Points reconciliation:

The latest participation points reconciliation (current as of May 24, 2019) is posted on the website under Parents ---> Participation Points information (or click here). Any outstanding participation points will be made billable on June 01. 

Bingo reconciliation:

The latest bingo reconciliation (current as of April 30, 2019) is posted on the website under Parents ---> Bingo information (or click here).

Team photos available for pick-up:

If your swimmer was here for Keyano's photo day and you haven't picked up your photo, they're in the Keyano office. There is a code on the back of the image; use that code and visit this link ( to purchase additional swag items.

AGM Notice:

We would love to see as many parents as possible attend the upcoming AGM! The AGM will be held on June 12 at the Kinsmen Sports Centre in the Kinette Room from 4:30-6:30pm.

The voting ballot, proxy form, AGM agenda and other relevant AGM materials are posted on our website under Parents ---> Club Documents.

Year-end BBQ: looking for volunteers 

Our year end bbq is coming up on June 19 following our inaugural Red,White and Blue Race Series (aka. Bear Cubs Race Series #6). We're looking for a few volunteers to organize the event. The BBQ will take place in the park behind Kinsmen.

If you're still in need of participation points - or if you just love to help out! - this is a good event. All you'll need to do is buy, cook and serve food... and have a great time! Please contact the office if you're able to help out. 

Year-end BBQ: sign up today

On that note... our year end bbq is coming up on June 19 following our inaugural Red,White and Blue Race Series (aka. Bear Cubs Race Series #6).

If you plan on attending, please sign up by the 12th by visiting the team events section of the website.. Please indicate the number of people coming (mom, sister, etc.!) so we can have an idea on food.

Edmonton Keyano summer camps open for registration!

You can now register for our Keyano summer camps! We will be running camps over five weeks during the summer for swimmers 10 & U and 11 & Over:

July 8-12, 2019
July 15-19, 2019
July 22-26, 2019 
August 12-16, 2019
August 19-23, 2019

If you want to register, or are looking for more information, please click this link, or visit 'About Us'---> 'Summer Camps 2019' on our website. 


Club News

Bear Cubs Race Series #6... also known as...

When: Wednesday 19th June
Time: 4:15pm – Arrive no later!
4:30pm – Teams arranged and swimmers decorated!
5:00pm – Races begin
6:30pm – last race
6:45pm BBQ and awards for Gold/Silver/Bronze swimmers


On 19th June Keyano will be hosting it’s inaugural Red/White/Blue race night.
ALL swimmers in the Club will be allocated to a team(Red, White or Blue) and will compete together in the following events:
25 Freestyle
25 Breaststroke
25 Backstroke
25 Butterfly
1 x 50m Freestyle Relay
Teams will be allocated points for placing in the races and the team accumulating the most points at the end of the session will be declared the overall champion!!
Teams will be a mix of members from all groups within the Club – allowing the opportunity for our youngest members to mingle with their seniors.
At the conclusion of the race series there will be a BBQ and awards ceremony for our Bronze/Silver/Gold swimmers. We will be awarding the most improved awards at this ceremony.
We would ask for ALL swimmers in the Club to participate in this annual event and to show support. It promises to be a really fun night!!


Bronze Session 3 – Schedule 

Here are the Key Dates for Session 3:
Confederation Meadows Royal Glenora Terwillegar
First Practice:
Last Practice:

Mon Apr 8
Wed Jun 19

Tue Apr 9
Wed Jun 19

Mon Apr 8
Wed Jun 19

Wed Apr 9
Wed Jun 19

Omit Dates:
Fri Apr 19
Mon May 20

Fri Apr 19
Tue May 21

Fri Apr 19
Mon May 20

Fri Apr 19
Sun Apr 21



Club Fundraising

EKI 2019 Photo Fundraiser

A huge thank you to Graham Versailles, Hai Nguyen and James Chin for taking and organizing some amazing photos from EKI and EKI Junior. Take a look: they're truly spectacular!

To access and download the high resolution photos:

1) Visit this link:
2) You'll be asked to login with your email. 
3) Scroll through all the photos! When you find one you like, click the arrow on the bottom right portion of photo.
4) You'll be asked to input a pin. Use this one! 5655
5) You can pay for the photos with a electronic transfer, or via Stripe. 
  • Photos are $20 via transfer. Use this email: to submit the transfer.
  • Photos are $20 plus service fees via Stripe.
6) Enjoy! 

Celebrating our Bears

A few weeks ago, Allyssa Jerace and Anna Blevins, along with Garrett Brendzan, Hannah Cossey, Alana Devlin, Claire Francis, Alain Thorkelsson and Michael Williams, were selected to participate in Swim Alberta's Emerge Camp.

We asked Allyssa and Anna to give a little write up of their experience:


Allyssa Jerace:

Swim Alberta Emerge Camp… One of the best 3 days of my life.  I learned alot from this camp along with 3 amazing Coaches, who worked hard to ensure that myself and other swimmers from around the Province had a great experience!

To start off this Great Experience myself and the other swimmers and coaches gathered at Kinsmen under the scoreboard for a meeting.  At this meeting they introduced the coaches who are Lauren Wilson, Nick Wenzel, Leslie Serediak and Marc Tremblay. We were also introduced to Jackie Cool who said that the camp was to be hard but we would all be ok and we would leave with all of our limbs! Prior to the meeting we were given our goodie bag which included the shirts and caps we were to wear… Blue shirts to pre-pool.  For pre-pool, coach Nick was leading it off with mobility work most of which I have not heard of before and I learned some new things. Then we got ready and got straight into training where Coach Marc took over from there. He set some rules in which we were not allowed to go in the same lanes as people from our own club and he separated the boys from the girls.
For the main set it was a mid-distance training set of 200’s with in a certain amount of your personal best.  We then did some post pool stretching before leaving to warm yoga! While we were stretching Coach Lauren made a joke about how she could be a yoga instructor because she was leading off the stretching.  
On the bus ride to warm yoga myself, Claire, Delainey (from RDCSC) and Anna talked about how excited we were.  The term hot yoga turned into the term warm yoga because most of us have never done hot yoga before. For the most part throughout the session it was a lot of stretching.  Post yoga I felt calm and relaxed.
Once we had gotten to the hotel we gotten our room keys along with the information of whom we were rooming with.  I was a little bit scared I was going to be roomed with someone I did not know, (which the odds were very high), although I had been roomed with Emily Bugbee from UCSC who I had known from other swim meets prior to the camp.  We then put our bags away in our rooms and headed for dinner at the hotel restaurant and surprise, the boys were seated at one table and the girls at another.
After dinner myself and the other swimmers headed down to the banquet room to begin our HERO sessions.  Myself and my fellow swimmers were very confused as to what the HERO sessions were going to be about. Once the session started Jane began speaking about how we were going to find and earn our inner HERO!!!!  Turns out the word HERO was an acronym for HEART, ENTHUSIASM, RESILIENCE and OWNERSHIP which a lot of people mistaken for OPTIMISM. We earned our H in HERO by…. Then concluded the session and were to continue in the next session the next day by earning our ERO!
After the session had concluded we all headed to our hotel rooms to prepare for the next day.  My roommate Emily and I set our alarms for 5:30am for practice in the morning while others ***cough, cough… Claire*** set their alarms for 5:00am, which is way too early if you ask me.  Once we woke up in the morning we ate our breakfast and headed to the pool. Pre-pool Nick got us to remember the activation we did the day before. To be honest I could not remember! We did our a.m. short course practice and did our post-poo and then headed to the bus for snacks.  We then headed to another HERO session where we earned our E and R! For lunch once again girls were all seated at one table and boys at the other.
After lunch we grabbed our swim stuff and headed to the pool for the afternoon session.  Me being the distance swimmer that I am, who does not often swim IM had many struggles throughout this practice and was very exhausted after.  Once we got back to the hotel I thought I would be the good student and do the homework that I was given. After homework I had gone down for dinner meeting up with my other friends.  For dinner we had lasagna, veggies and potatoes and within maybe 15 minutes the food that the hotel had prepared had vanished, even before the coaches and chaperones had a chance to get their food.  
Myself and my fellow swimmers headed up to our rooms before making our way down later to grab more food.  Once we grabbed more food we realized we did not have enough time to eat before the HERO celebration. The awesome chaperones gave us permission to take our food down to the banquet room.  In the HERO celebration we finally earned our O in HERO and concluded by receiving some bracelets that had BE YOUR OWN HERO debossed in them.
Post HERO celebration we headed to the chaperones room for some popcorn and a movie.  Unfortunately the sound to the movie we were watching was not working. So we all just kind of chilled out together.  Then we were sent to our rooms to pack and go to bed.
Once again Emily and I woke up at 5:30am got our stuff ready to go, loaded it on the bus and ate breakfast.  We then left for the pool for the last swim practice. Once again, there was an IM aspect to the practice. Once practice was over we did some post pool and then headed up to the stands under electronic timing for camp closure and lunch, which were bagged lunches that the chaperones had prepared with snacks and a wrap.
I would like to Thank all the coaches, chaperones and our motivational speaker-Jane for their hard-work and for making this one of the best experiences for us!  THANK YOU!


Anna Blevins: 

The Swim Alberta emerge camp was truly an amazing and life changing experience. Throughout this camp me and the other swimmers were lucky enough to have the pleasure to be working with amazing coaches and chaperons who worked their very hardest to ensure that we all had an amazing time.  Not only was this a great learning experience for all of the swimmers this was also an opportunity to bond with fellow swimmers, who we compete with. To start of this amazing camp we all meet at the Kinsmen Sport Centre, here we were introduced to the coaches, who were. Lauren Wilson, Nick Wenzel, Leslie Serediak and Marc Tremblay, each were selected to help develop our technique and strength in our sport.  Then Jackie Cool, the Swim Alberta representative, told us about what we would experience during this camp. During the rundown of the camp we all were able to eat an amazing lunch thanks to the chaperones, Tina Marie Baldwin, and Colleen Cossey. We were then given “swag bags” for this camp, which included blue and grey Swim Alberta shirts, and a swim cap. Then after everyone was finished we headed down to the pool deck.  Were Coach Nick lead pre-pool activation.

I was very fortunate in learning many new stretches and exercises that I will now use before practices.  Form their we entered the pool, were Coach Marc lead the first practice. The main focus of this camp was mid-distance freestyle including 200 freestyle.  During this practice we focused on skills and strong swimming as many swimmers had just come off a bus from their home. We were also told that during this camp we were not to swim in lanes with people from our club so we could get to know other swimmers that we may have  not known. I was reluctant at first, but at the end of the day I was happy that this rule was set in place as I got to know new people that I may not have gotten to know if I was to stay with my friends.

After we finished our first practice we went back on deck for a post pool stretch, while stretching we had quite a few laughs as many of the coaches and swimmers were talking about the yoga studio were we would be headed to next. Leaving to pool to head to the yoga studio we had chocolate milk and bananas in hand as we headed on the bus.  On the bus ride to the studio me, Allyssa, Claire and Delainey from RDCSC talked about how thrilled we were for hot yoga. Throughout yoga I was calm and stress free, focusing only on the stretches and breathing. From their we went to the hotel room were we then learned who we would be rooming with. I was again worried as I did not know many people personally who attending the camp.  I was then told to gather my bags and given my key that I would share with my roommate Ryenne Katterhagen from UCSC. At first I was nervous as I had never spoken to her, but by the end of the camp, I was very happy to call her a friend. After settling in we then went to the dining room were we all feasted on the delicious food. While eating I observed that the two tables were split into two, girls and boys.  From there we went to the banquet hall were we would learn how to be our own H.E.R.O. unsure of what it meant, Claire, Delainey, Allyssa and myself tried to guess what this could mean coming up with some mind boggling answers. We they came to learn that this stood for heart, enthusiasm, resilience and ownership, this first session we learn and earned the H., aspect or heart. From here we all either went to the chaperones rooms, or went to bed.  I was exhausted and went to sleep, hoping that tomorrow would be as exciting as today.
I woke up to the sound of my alarm, at 5:20 am, to early in my opinion.  Sleep walking I went to go eat the breakfast that was prepared for us. Gobbling down breakfast we all scurried to the bus as we were told that if we were late for the bus we better have enough money to cab to the Kinsmen.  Opening my eyes on the bus I then realized that we were then at the pool, about to start our second morning practice. Coach Nick again lead our pre-pool workout, we then jumped into the ice cold pool, and then finished again with stretching.  Finishing our practice off again with chocolate milk and bananas. After we returned to the hotel we learned our E, and our R, and we then headed up for lunch.

We then prepared ourselves for the second practice of the day, were we again had a pre-pool activation lead by Coach Nick.  We then came to find out was an I.M day, which to be honest I was not that excited for but I then used my new skill of enthusiasm to look with a positive outlook to get excited for the practice ahead.  After practice was over we then headed to the hotel for our last dinner and the final H.E.R.O session. Since this was the final dinner and a double day we all went for it. Going back for not just one serving but two.  Then we headed down to the last H.E.R.O. session but before we grabbed a third helping of the food. After our last session, we finally earned our O, and all received bracelets that read “BE YOUR OWN HERO.”, and we accomplished this thanks to our mental performance coach Jane.  From their we went to the chaperones room were we watched a movie and had popcorn but unfortunately the movie didn’t have sound so me and some of my friends tried to ad-lib the movie, which didn’t work out that well. After everyone was exhausted we all went back to our rooms, crashing before our final practice.

Again our alarms went off way to early at 5:20, after getting all of our bags packed and on the bus, we put on bags on the bus, and then made our way back for breakfast.  Were all I wanted to do is crawl back into bed and sleep the rest of the day. After finishing breakfast and making our way to the bus we made our way to the pool. Finishing the camp with another I.M. focused practice. Following practice we finished with our post-pool stretch, and then went back to the stands where we started, to finish the camp.  We then finished with lunch, and either made your way to the bus or to your parents car.

I am very grateful that I was able to participate in this camp, as it is a highlight of my swimming career.  I am so thankful for the skills I was able to learn both in and out of the pool. I want to give the biggest thanks to the coaches, our mental performance coach, chaperones and fellow swimmers, for adding to this amazing experience.  Thank you again so much.


2019 Swim Alberta Summer Festival

30 Bears competed in the Alberta Festival meet last weekend in a 2 day competition in St. Albert. The Beers looked very strong again some of the top junior swimmers in Alberta. The age groups were 11&U boys and 10&U girls. Keyano came top 2 in the mixed Free relay and top 3 in the mixed medley relays. Your top 3 event finishers in the meet included:
Jimmy Bergman
Rachel Bergman
Naila Broening-Chai
Elizabeth-Layne Carey
Lukas Deniaud
Jake Fairey
Andreas Jost
Colby Long
Carys McGlade
Owen O'Kelly
Sian QIu
Jonathan Williams
Jason Xin
Kolton Younger

Great finish to the season for our Juniors!

Click here to sign up for events!: 


Bear Birthdays!

Aven Unger
Carlyn Hiley
Jack Bashuk
Rana Blakeman
Olivia Kidd


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