The Bear Facts: Oct. 26, Issue 2

Brea Elford
Oct 26, 2018

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Welcome to the second issue of The Bear Facts: a weekly source for all things Keyano! 

In this issue you will find:

1. The Bear Essentials:
  • Poppy Invitational - volunteers needed
  • Grocery Card and Purdy's chocolate fundraising reminders 
2. General Manager Message:
  • Joining Keyano Committees
  • Hallowe'en Club Night
3. Town Hall Update
4. Aerobic Capacity test - Youth Development, Provincial and Gold 
5. FINA/Swim Alberta Rankings - National and Junior Championship
6. Step-up/Move-up policy (Junior Championship athletes)
7. Get to Know!: Desmond Lam
8. Sports Science: Part 2
9. In the News
10. Upcoming Events
11. Bear Birthdays

Thank you for reading. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Keyano office. 

Go Bears!

The Bear Essentials

Silvertide Poppy Invitational needs volunteers:

Date: Saturday Nov. 3 - Sunday Nov. 4
Time: various session times, click here for the meet package to view the sesssions
Place: Kinsmen Sports Centre

Silvertide is looking for more timers and stroke and turn officials to help at the Poppy Invitational next weekend. If you're able to volunteer, please contact the Silver Tide officials coordinator 
Tracey Cyca at

Grocery Card Fundraising reminder:

Order deadline: Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2018

The 2018 Keyano Grocery Card Fundraiser is well underway! As a reminder, we pool individual gift card purchases into a group order to earn the maximum rebate from each store. The rebate is then applied as a credit against your 2018/19 fundraising requirement.  For example:  if we reach the 8% sales value for Save On and you purchase $1000 worth of SaveOn gift cards, you will earn an $80 fundraising credit.  Superstore rebate this year is 5%, Sobey’s/Safeway 6% and Save On 8 % (8% if we order more than $10,000 as a group for Save On).
  • Please follow the instructions online for more information on how to submit an order.
  • Remember to drop off the order form, along with your cheque, to the Keyano office by the deadline! 
  • Cards can be picked-up from organizers from 4:30-6:30 pm on Wednesday December 12th, in the Kinsmen stands, near the scoreboard
  • If you would like to order grocery cards for a Business, please contact Chery directly at 780-991-0535.   No Business orders will be accepted if you have not contacted Chery regarding the order by Nov 21/18.
Questions or concerns, please email Chery Keen at

Purdy's Holiday Special 2018 fundraiser:

Order deadline: Tuesday Nov. 27, 2018

Have you checked out the Purdy’s Fundraiser yet? In just 2 weeks Keyano families have bought/sold over
$3000 worth of Chocolates. 18 Keyano families have signed up so far and will earn 25% of their sales towards their fundraising commitment for the 2018/19 season. Last Year the Christmas Campaign earned Keyano families over $5000.

Purdy’s Christmas Fundraising Program 2018 Catalogues are available in the Keyano office or can be viewed online with this link.
  •  Go To:
  • Order pick-up from the Kinsmen 5:00-6:30 pm Wednesday December 12th , 2018 near the Kinsmen pool stands 
  • Orders are purchased online by credit card only 
  • Please follow the Instructions found online on how to place an order and invite family and friends to place orders. 
Questions or concerns, please email

From the GM

Joining Edmonton Keyano Committees

We are pleased to announce that we are ready to put out this initial call for interest to join our committees. Below you will see a link to a quick committee sign-up page - in singing up, you will be signalling your interest in participating in one or more committees. Committee members will be selected by the board of directors only once the terms of reference for each committee are passed and published.

Many of these committees are not new, and have been in operation for thirty or more years. For example, our Competitions Committee manages the logistics and volunteers at our hosted competitions and put the majority of feedback into our Participation Points policy. Likewise, the bingo, fundraising, HR, and Audit committees have all been integral to our operation and policy building. At times, however, each committee has lost some of its structure and resulted in a few members doing a lot of independent work to keep a given activity going. Giving these committees proper structure and support is why we are excited today. 

So what is new?

We are updating / defining the scope and purpose of our committees so as to ensure their relevance and empower each committee to act on specific tasks. The main tasks of committees will fall into three categories: (1) managing volunteer-based activities for the club; (2) providing feedback as representatives of the club membership; and, (3) producing proposals for policy or procedure changes to the board of directors. 

We want members to come out and participate. This is a great chance to get to know more members and get involved in your community. Look for the committee(s) that best suit your passion and experience and bring your positive energy towards making our club the best that it can be.

Click Here!: Details about the committees are included on the sign-up page .

I look forward to seeing more of you soon :)

Hallowe'en Wednesday Club Night!

We are going to up the fun level this Wednesday for a once in a decade or so chance to get a lot of the club together on Hallowe'en. 

Rule 1: Costumes are encouraged! (including coaches!) You will be getting in the water, so limit face paint or be prepared for a good face wash before entering.

Rule 2: Have fun! We will be running crazy relays and games; having our workout in as fun a way as possible.

Rule 3: Trick or Treat! Let Keyano be your first Trick or Treat stop on Wednesday; kids can stop by the office for a few early treats.

Rule 4: Be safe! Fun stops the moment someone gets hurt. Don't forget the rules of the pool or the neighbourhood streets and listen to coach and parents, wherever you are on Hallowe'en night.

Rule 5: Thank your Mom & Dad! Just kidding. That's a rule for everyday. Thanks, Mom & Dad!

Happy Hallowe'en!!!

Town Hall #1 Update: From Chris Nelson

Our first town hall of the season was on Wednesday, October 24. Thank you for all of the positive feedback about the information and openness of our hour with you. Paul and I really value our chance to talk to members, and want to provide meaningful information every time we hold one of these. We will try again to host our parents for a town hall before Christmas.

This particular presentation was so well received, we had many requests to please share the presentation to all parents not in attendance. Indeed, the more the merrier! If you were not able to attend, please read through and hopefully we can see you out next time around. 

Thanks again! 

Link to the Town Hall Presentation

Our young Bears in action at Wednesday dryland! 

Aerobic Capacity Test!

This week, the National and Junior Championships squads have been completing their first test set for the season. This test is our Aerobic Capacity test (AEC). The senior swimmers completed either a 3km time trial or 10 x 300 @10s rest. They were to hold the fastest possible average throughout the swim. This set will be completed several times throughout the year and will be monitored closely by all coaches.

Next week, the Youth Development, Provincial and Gold groups will also be completing an Aerobic Capacity Test. For these groups they will be swimming either:
  • 8 x 200 @10s rest, or
  • 10 x 100 @10s rest.

Gold will complete the test next Wednesday, Oct. 31.

Provincial and Youth Development will complete the set on Friday, Nov. 02.

We want to encourage all the swimmers to do their best to attend training for this important session!!

Fina/Swim Alberta Rankings:

This past week, the coaches have put together a list of performance rankings of both the Junior Championships and National squad swimmers, and are based on the swimmer's highest scoring event.

These charts are current as of 2017-2018 LC Season and can be found on the website, here! (under Swimmers ---> Fina/Swim Alberta Rankings). The swimmers have been ranked with respect to two different pointscore systems:


1) Swim Alberta Select Points 

This is a ranking system devised by Swim Alberta based on the Swim Canada On Track Times. The points are weighted relative to swimmer age. Which means the same time swum by a 13 year old will achieve more points/rank than the same time swum by 16 year old.  

13 year old boy 400 Free in 4:52.13  receives 602 points
16 year old boy 400 Free in 4:52.13 receives 566 points

Also note that the longer swimmers are more highly weighted for juniors than sprint events which means it is relatively easier to score a higher pointscore in a distance event for a junior.


2) FINA Pointscore

This is the official ranking system used by the world governing body for swimming - FINA. The pointscore is based on a weighting system relative to the world record for each event. 

As an example, here are the combined (national and Junior Championship) rankings based on the FINA pointscore. The other rankings can be found online. 

Team Rankings - FINA Pointscore
Rankings based on FINA Pointscore
Rankings are based relative to World Record times
Rankings are not adjusted to age
Name Age Highest ranked event Time FINA Points
1 Emma 15 1500 Freestyle 16:28.8 819
2 Edwards Drew 16 1500 Freestyle 16:06.44 732
3 Liang Christey 13 200 free 02:05.36 732
4 Przyswitt Kier 17 200 Freestyle 01:53.29 729
5 McCann Pilar 16 100 Breaststroke 01:12.06 712
6 Blair Sterlyng 17 100 Butterfly 00:55.81 711
7 Versluys Nathan 17 400 IM 04:34.40 701
8 Riess Casey 17 1500 Freestyle 16:22.68 696
9 Brendzan Olivia 15 400IM 05:03.17 694
10 Nelson Kyla 16 100 Freestyle 00:58.97 688
11 Vander Leek Teagan 14 100 free 00:59.3 678
12 Dunn Gabrielle 13 1500 Freestyle 17:42.73 660
13 Anderson Lauren 16 200 Back 02:22.56 659
14 Ure Meaghan 16 100 Freestyle 01:00.72 630
15 Chan Darian 17 1500 Freestyle 16:58.70 625
16 Ketelaars Kail 17 100 Backstroke 01:00.80 620
17 Kidd Olivia 17 100 Butterfly 01:05.22 620
18 Devlin Alana 13 800 free 09:31.72 619
19 Basler Eli 17 100 Backstroke 01:00.92 617
20 Robertson Sophia 15 200 Freestyle 02:12.79 615
21 Lang Matthew 17 1500 Freestyle 17:06.36 611
22 Lapshin Alexander 15 200 Breaststroke 02:30.42 602
23 Chomey Sarah 16 1500 Freestyle 18:18.03 598
24 Hickson Ellie 13 1500 Freestyle 18:25.15 587
25 Berrigan Meghan 13 200 free 02:14.94 586
26 Finlin Emma 13 1500 free 18:32.32 575
27 Saretsky Trey 16 200 Butterfly 02:14.14 574
28 Corsaro Angela 13 100 breast 01:17.54 571
29 Davies Daniela 16 1500 Freestyle 18:35.75 570
30 Da Matta Lucas 16 200 Breast 02:33.86 562
31 Baldwin Joshua 13 1500 free 17:41.35 552
32 Bowie Shayne 13 1500 freestyle 18:48.90 550
33 Blevins Anna 13 200 Back 02:31.42 549
34 Jerace Allyssa 14 200 free 02:18.28 545
35 Uppal Jagdeesh 23 100 Breaststroke 01:11.16 539
36 Emmeline 13 800 free 09:59.46 537
37 Zhu Jerry 17 100 Breaststroke 01:11.28 536
38 Francis Claire 13 100 breast 01:19.39 532
39 Forbes Maddie 14 200 breast 02:51.85 530
40 Kujawa Gabe 15 100 free 00:58.10 526
41 Williams Meaghan 15 100 free 01:04.6 523
42 Darwish Yousef 16 200 Fly 02:18.72 519
43 Przyswitt Kendel 13 100 Freestyle 01:05.28 507
44 Thorkelsson Alain 14 200 breast 02:39.60 503
45 Brendzan Garrett 15 200 Breast 02:39.80 502
46 Cossey Hannah 13 1500 Freestyle 19:25.47 500
47 Hudyma Madison 14 100 free 01:05.82 495
48 Hall Josiah 16 1500 freestyle 18:21.39 494
49 Dej Isabella 15 200 breast 02:56.45 490
50 Johnson Lydia 12 100 breast 01:22.14 480
51 Martin Ozimek Agata 18 100 Freestyle 01:06.73 475
52 Lastovka Mattea 13 200 fly 02:36.36 472
53 Hiley Carlyn 13 200 free 02:25.20 471
54 Kiera 12 200 free 02:26.38 459
55 Kolber Kate 14 100 Freestyle 01:08.22 444
56 mackenzie Spencer 14 200 breast 02:55.60 378
Congratulations to our three carded athletes for this upcoming season! Christey Liang and Gabrielle Dunn (left and right) received their national development card, while Emma O'Croinin (middle) recieved her senior national carding. Way to go girls!

EKSC Step Up and Move Up Policy 2018/19 for Junior Championship Group

The optimal timing of a progression between groups is always a complex task particularly during adolescence. It is important to consider multiple areas when looking at age group development:

Physiological Factors:
● Biological Age – what is the actual age of the athlete?
● Physical Development and Growth – what is the physiological development of the athlete? What stage of physical development are they at?
● Psychological and emotional preparedness – are they emotionally ready for the higher workload in the next group and are they ready to be in a group of older teenagers?

Performance Factors:
● Ability - are they needing more peer challenge than they receive in the current group?
● FINA Point – where do they rank in absolute terms in open swimming terms?

Step Up Policy 2018/19: 

Step Ups are the opportunity for swimmers to participate in a small number of training sessions of the next group in the EKSC squad progression. The step up will provide the opportunity for the swimmer to experience what is required to be a member of the next training squad. It will also allow the next coach in the squad progression to get to know the swimmer.

For the 2018 season, we will be offering two levels of step up opportunity. Opportunities for step up based on Physiological Factors will be offered at the discretion of the Head Coach and Junior Championship Coach. Athletes will be given the opportunity to attend sessions in the National group if we feel the swimmer is either:
a) 15 or older and would benefit from having some opportunities to train with older athletes.
b) U/15 but is recognized as having the emotional preparedness and exceptional internal motivation to succeed as an athlete.

Step ups on physiological factors will be offered on morning sessions only.

Opportunities for step up based on Performance Factors may be offered to swimmers once they reach a FINA pointscore of 650 points whatever their age. Step ups based on FINA pointscore will be offered on the morning or afternoon sessions. 

This policy will only be in effect for this year. Each year we need to make adjustments for group sizes based on the average numbers and ability levels of each group and our policy may have to change.

Move Up Policy

Move Up’s are considered the complete transfer of the swimmer to the next squad in the EKSC squad progression. At the end of the season or on occasion mid-season we will assess the readiness of each
athlete for the next training group. Assessment will be made on both Physiological and Performance factors. Given the fluctuations in squad sizes and ability levels it is not possible to give a hard and fast rule as to who will be elevated to the next group.

Get to know!:

Desmond Lam, Head Age Group Coach

1) What is your favorite food dish? Sushi
2) Movies or books? Why? Movies because I can go through them faster
3) Favorite non-swimming sports team? New England Patriots
4) Would you rather be a tiny elephant or a giant mouse? Why? 
 Tiny Elephant, living in the wild would be a unique experience.
5) What's one thing you can't live without? Food - I love to eat. 
6) Three words to describe you?
 Loyal, Honest, Patient
Paul the Science Guy!

Last week we discussed how the body produces the energy required to power the human body. We discovered that we must create the molecule ATP first in order for our bodies to use this ATP to contract our muscles.  There are 3 different mechanisms via which the body can produce/recycle ATP. These methods are collectively known as Energy Systems.  The energy systems can be split into 3 categories:
  1. ATP-CP
  2. Anaerobic
  3. Aerobic
For this article we will be discussing the first of the energy systems - that of the ATP – CP system.

ATP-CP Energy System

The ATP-PC system is also called the Phosphogen system. This system is immediate and functions without oxygen. Creatine phosphate (CP), which is stored in our muscles, donates a phosphate molecule and combines with ADP to produce ATP.  Because CP is stored in our muscles we only have a very limited supply. The latest research shows that we can only use stored CP to fuel our bodies for no more than 10 seconds of maximum effort.
To train this system in swimming we can do short speed sets. The length of each swim should be no longer than 5-10s long and should be done at maximum effort. We must fully recover between successive efforts.
You will have done many sessions in training that will be working on the ATP-CP energy system. A sample session might be:
6 x 50 as Explode/Blast 15m /35m ez @1:10
4 x ( 25 – as 10m fast (Open), 50 – as 5m in 10m out fast turn, 25 – as last 10m fast finish)
Some of your dryland work will also train the ATP-CP system. An example of this would be med ball throw downs.
NEXT week we will be discussing the Anaerobic System…..

In the news: 

by: Jeff Grace for Swim Swam

Speaking with Athletes about Health and Wellness

Mental health and wellness has been an emerging subject in the world of athletics. Over the past few years individuals such as Michael PhelpsAllison SchmittKevin Love and Demar DeRozen have opened up about their challenges.

There have also been studies that suggest a large percentage of athletes face mental health challenges. One of those involved elite athletes in Australia where it was found that 46.4% of those involved in the study experienced symptoms of at least one mental health problem (Gulliver 2015).

Another study conducted by the NCAA found that 63% of the student athletes in the group they interviewed had experienced emotional or mental health issues that had affected their athletic performance in the last 4 weeks (Eisenberg 2014).

Athletes commit themselves to their sport in a quest for excellence. That journey is often a turbulent one and can leave individuals vulnerable to mental health challenges. Athletes often look at these challenges as a sign of weakness when they have not been properly educated on the subject of mental health and wellness.


Click here to read the rest of the article!

Upcoming Events:

Cascade Speed Meet
When: Oct. 26-28, 2018
Where: Calgary (Repsol Centre)
Groups: Provincial, Youth Development, Junior Championship and National
Qualifying times:Yes
Registration deadline: closed
Poppy Invitational
When: Nov. 3-4, 2018
Where: Edmonton (Kinsmen)
Groups: Bronze, Silver, Gold, YD, Provincial + JC & Nat (coaches discretion)
Qualifying times: no
Registration deadline: closed 
Entry file: click here
Distance Time Trial
When: Nov. 17, 2018
Where: Edmonton (Royal Glenora) 
Groups: Silver (over 11), Gold, Provincial, YD, JC
Qualifying times: no
Registration deadline: Nov. 15, 2018
OSC 10 & U #1
When: Nov. 17, 2018
Where: St. Albert (Fountain Park Recreation Centre)
Groups: Bronze, Silver (10 & U)
Qualifying times: no
Registration deadline: Oct. 30
Candy Cane Classic
When: Nov. 30 - Dec. 02, 2018
Where: Edmonton (Kinsmen)
Groups: Bronze, Silver, Gold, YD, JC
Qualifying times: no
Registration deadline: Nov. 20
PSC Christmas Cracker
When: Dec. 7-9
Where: Victoria, B.C. (Saanich Commonwealth Place)
Groups: Provincial, JC, YD
Qualifying times: no
Registration deadline: Oct. 30
Cascade Age Group Challenge
When: Dec. 14-16
Where: Calgary (Repsol Centre)
Groups: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Provincial, YD, JC
Qualifying times: no
Registration deadline: Nov. 28
JP Fiset
When: Dec. 14-16, 2018
Where: Edmonton (Kinsmen Sports Centre)
Groups: Gold, Provincial, YD, JC, National
Qualifying times: yes (similar to 'A' times)
Registration deadline: Nov. 27
Please visit the website Event page for more information and to sign up for swim meets! Click the link below to be directed to the event page.
Swim Meet Sign-Up

Bear Birthdays!

Ellen Hickson
Isabella Wisniewski
Kieran Paton-Lowen
Justin Suflea
Parker McConnell
Alexei Fuhol
Elizabeth-Layne Carey
Ava Jivraj
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