EKSC Stage I
 Outdoor Dryland is now open! 
June 5, 2020
We are so excited to offer our first programming since the COVID-19 shutdown!
Gold and Performance groups are welcome to follow the steps below to register.
How to register for EKSC Outdoor Dryland program:
Step 1: Read the program information carefully.
Step 2: Register for the program online (limited to members only*)
Step 3: You are ready to go!
  • You will be emailed an additional waiver from Swim Alberta to sign and bring with you on your first day. 
  • Re-read the program information and be prepared to participate safely.
  • Please contact your coach to confirm any additional instructions for your first workout. 
  • For more information about Keyano's response to COVID-19, go to our COVID-19 update page
    * Non-members can contact generalmanager@eksc.com to inquire about joining the Edmonton Keyano Swim Club.

Edmonton Keyano
 Returning to Sport after COVID-19 

June 5, 2020
We are working hard to be ready for a return to swimming as soon as Alberta Health and Edmonton facilities deem that it is safe to do so. There are 3 gateways to returning to sport, all of which must be met for Keyano to reopen:
1 - Alberta Health: AHS is everyone's guide to safely reopening businesses. Facilities and sport clubs are both looking to AHS to decide which phase certain activities can reopen and also when those phases will each start. Both Keyano and Swim Alberta are active with our Alberta government to advocate for the earliest possible safe return to swimming. 
2 - City of Edmonton: COE will decide on their own exactly when and which facilities will reopen once the AHS guidelines are met. COE will need a unique safety plan for each facility, which Keyano will incorporate into its own safety and behaviour plan for members. Complications for the city are three facilities undergoing maintenance, 1,000 staff are furloughed in this sector, swimming pools run an operating deficit, and the labs in charge of water safety are currently commandeered for COVID-19 testing. Both Keyano and Swim Alberta are active with the City of Edmonton to advocate for sport groups and the interest that our members have in returning to swimming pools. 
3 - Edmonton Keyano: EKSC will create safety plans for each facility and activity, in conjunction with COE and AHS safety plans and guidelines and have this approved by Swim Alberta to activate insurance coverage. So far, EKSC has created a Stage I plan for Outdoor Dryland; further plans are in development and will come out as each stage is able to proceed. 
All plans are subject to change. Most Edmontonians are also learning that the dates and definitions of new AHS phases will not come with very much warning. For this reason, we can only give a general outline of our reopening plan and ask all members to remain patient with the specific EKSC Stage plans. We will be extremely proactive and provide those as soon as possible. 
Edmonton Keyano's stages of reopening:
Stage I
(Jun 10)
Facility Closure; outdoor / online dryland training / strict club protocols
This stage will introduce in-person training. Ongoing physical distancing is expected to be very important. Training fees will include bingo commitments only after bingo halls have provided AHS-approved safety plans to ensure our volunteers are safe. 
Stage II
(Jul 13)
First reopening of facility / limited group access / strict facility protocols
This stage will introduce swim training, though group sizes and training time may be limited. This stage will have a flexible fee structure as pool time may be introduced gradually and will may not be available consistently to all groups.
Stage III
Facility fully operational / regular group access / refined protocols
This stage will mark the opportunity to provide reduced regular schedules. Groups will have a set schedule with reliable swimming and dryland times. Groups may have more structured dryland time than usual to compensate for limited water space.  
Stage IV
Facility fully operational / return to full training post-pandemic
This stage will mark the return to full training, regular fees and commitments.