EKSC Stage II :
Summer Programs are now open for sign-up! 
July 7, 2020
We are so excited to offer our first swim programming since the COVID-19 shutdown!
How to register for EKSC Summer Training Program:
Summer Program Sign-up and Information
Performance and Gold Programs start July 13, 2020
Silver and Bronze Programs start July 20, 2020

Step 1: Read the Summer Program Information & Fees


Step 2: Read our COVID-19 Information & Forms section

Read important information about returning to swimming, including the safety measures in place and the new behaviours that we all must follow to have a safe return to sport. 

    EKSC COVID-19 Information & Forms

Step 3: Register for Programs Online

Simply follow the appropriate link below to sign-up for summer programs:


Step 4: Complete the Swim Alberta / Swimming Canada Waiver 

All Swimmers must fill out the following waiver once per season, before returning to any activity with the club. (You do not need to submit this form a second time if you have already done one for Keyano's Stage I Outdoor Dryland training).

    Swimming Canada / Swim Alberta Return-to-Sport Waiver

This waiver is automatically sent to Swim Alberta. 

Step 5: Attend the Parent Meeting on Friday, July 10 at 8:00pm

All participating members should attend the Parent Meeting on July 10 so that our staff and Safety Assessment Working Group can explain to everyone our new safety measures, those of the facility, and the concept of cohort training groups. 

Topic: EKSC - Return to Swimming 
Time: Jul 10, 2020 08:00 PM Edmonton
This meeting is limited to the first 100 attendees. We will be recording the session and posting it here for those who cannot make it. 

Step 6: You are ready to Go!

Thank you for your patience in waiting for a return to swimming - we have worked hard for this chance to return and can't wait to be back on a pool deck again!

Thank you again for following the extra steps associated with a return during the COVID-19 pandemic. While it is safe to return to swimming, it is not the same environment as when we saw swimming pools close in March. By all observing a few simple guidelines we have a good chance of enjoying a consistent return to our sport. 

    * Non-members can contact generalmanager@eksc.com to inquire about joining the Edmonton Keyano Swim Club.

Edmonton Keyano
 Returning to Sport after COVID-19 

July 6, 2020
We are preparing for a return to swimming on July 13, 2020 for all performance groups and the Gold development group, and on July 20, 2020 for Silver and Bronze development groups.
In our return to swimming we have put together a COVID-19 Information and Forms page. This page of information is essential for everyone's safe return to sport. Please read it and follow the daily screening procedure, and in the case of illness or symptoms of illness follow the recommendations as outlined. 
All plans are subject to change. Most Edmontonians are also learning that the dates and definitions of new AHS phases will not come with very much warning. For this reason, we can only give a general outline of our reopening plan and ask all members to remain patient with the specific EKSC Stage plans. We will be extremely proactive and provide those as soon as possible. 
Edmonton Keyano's stages of reopening:
Stage I
(Jun 10)
Facility Closure; outdoor / online dryland training / strict club protocols
This stage will introduce in-person training. Ongoing physical distancing is expected to be very important. Training fees will include bingo commitments only after bingo halls have provided AHS-approved safety plans to ensure our volunteers are safe. 
Stage II
(Jul 13)
First reopening of facility / limited group access / strict facility protocols
This stage will introduce swim training, though group sizes and training time may be limited. This stage will have a flexible fee structure as pool time may be introduced gradually and will may not be available consistently to all groups.
Stage III
Facility fully operational / regular group access / refined protocols
This stage will mark the opportunity to provide reduced regular schedules. Groups will have a set schedule with reliable swimming and dryland times. Groups may have more structured dryland time than usual to compensate for limited water space.  
Stage IV
Facility fully operational / return to full training post-pandemic
This stage will mark the return to full training, regular fees and commitments.