Fort Collins Area Swim Team Lessons

Fort Collins Area Swim Team is proud to announce the addition of our new youth fitness program, FAST Forward! This on-land (also referred to as "dry-land") fitness program will be offered once a week for 45 minutes, starting this September at EPIC. There will be three groups divided by age/school grade. During each session, participants will learn about the foundations of fitness including (but not limited to) strength development, progressive conditioning, and full body mobility. The exercises will be designed according to the participants' age and current ability. We will practice social distancing and continually update our standards for creating a healthy and safe environment. Always refer to our web page for up-to-date information on COVID-19 safety and regulations. 


FAST's goal is to offer a safe and encouraging environment for the youth of Northern Colorado. We will teach the participants how to move forward both physically and mentally while providing positive social interactions and a reliable routine. 


Registration and Fees 

  • FAST Forward will be a recurring monthly fee of $45.00 
  • A $20 Flex Membership through USA Swimming is required of all participants, this will be current until December of 2021
  • Total cost to get started: $65.00


Participants are asked to come prepared to their session with the following:

  • Workout clothes: something that allows for both maximum movement and comfort during the session
  • Workout shoes: shoes must lace up, no sandals or slip-ons please
  • Water bottle
  • Face mask: All participants are required to wear appropriate face coverings as they check in for their session


Groups / Practice Schedules 


  • Ages 6 - 10 
  • Wednesday 3:00 - 3:45 PM


Cutthroat Trouts:  

  • Ages 11-13
  • Tuesday 3:00 - 3:45 PM



  • Ages 14 - 18 
  • Thursday 6:30 - 7:15 AM 



  • Participants will have a COVID-19 symptom check upon arrival to EPIC
  • Once checked in they will be designated to a coned off area where they can ensure to keep a social distance from others 
  • When the session is complete they will be excused from their coned area to be picked up by a parent or guardian in the EPIC parking lot or drive themselves  


Read Below for further information regarding drop off, pick up and our facility: 

Traffic Flow:

Here is a link to FAST's dryland video that show traffic flow for everyone:


  • YOU MUST drop off your swimmer at the designate Drop Off Zone: far west side of the EPIC parking lot
  • YOU MUST pick up your swimmer at the Pick Up Zone: the roundabout in front of EPIC


  • If you are driving yourself, park in the designated lot and report to Check-In
  • After Check-In go to your cone zone designated by a coach
  • We will enter through the side doors of EPIC
  • After practice you will exit through the side doors and immediately head toward the Pick Up Zone OR, if you drove yourself, to your own car


Here is a link to FAST's social distancing guidelines:

  • DO NOT enter the front doors into the EPIC lobby
  • NO locker room use (there will be a restroom open for emergencies)
  • NO upstairs use