Becoming an Official: How to Get Started

Are you looking for a rewarding way to become involved with FAST?  Becoming an official is a way to not only support your athlete and their team, but also an avenue to learning a valuable skill set that can be used for years to come.  Officiating in competitive swimming is essential to the sport and is performed by a team of trained volunteers who largely drive the success of a meet.  

Why is officiating and hosting meets so important?  

FAST is only able to hold meets if we have officials who can oversee and officiate. 

  • Meets are a primary source of income for the team and bring in revenue that allows us to maintain a quality coaching staff, rent lane space, etc.
  • Hosting meets allows local swimmers to more easily participate and experience a positive competition environment.  This is especially important for the youngest swimmers on FAST.
  • Hosting meets helps FAST maintain its reputation as a leader in the Colorado swimming community

Now, let's talk about what is in it for you!  Not only do you get a front row seat for the action, you get Team Support credits for home meets, as well as any Away meets you may officiate (FAST Officials Team Support Policy).  Additional benefits include working with a team of like-minded parents who care about the sport of swimming, enjoying hospitality at meets which includes food and beverages to keep you fueled, and typically lots of breaks throughout the meet to ensure you are fresh and able to be the best official possible.  

Ready to get Started?  We Need YOU!

The process may seem daunting, but many parents have found a fun and meaningful way to support their athletes as they learn this valuable skill that can be used for years to come to support youth in your community.  FAST has a number of current officials who are eager to welcome newcomers and will be there to answer questions and offer support along the way.  Get started today - Click here: Path to Becoming a USA Swimming Official with FAST!