FAST Team Gear

If you need information or assistance with obtaining FAST team gear,

please contact Sarah Putman at [email protected]

FAST Gear Required for meets:

  • FAST Swimmer T-shirts (Tri-color bundle): $30/set of three (blue, black, white); meet itinerary will list color for each day of a meet.
  • FAST Logo (basic) swim cap:  $12; recommend having at least two caps for meets
  • FAST Team Speedo Suit: available for purchase via MI Sports  
  • Goggles, recommend to have two pairs

Practice Gear:

Other Gear:

  • FAST periodically offers a group order for custom name swim caps for swimmers; typically Sept/Oct and Jan/Feb.  Watch team emails for announcements.
  • Once in the Fall and once in the Spring we open a specialized team gear online store. Emails are sent out to active families when this option is available.
  • Parkas are optional, to order  

Parent/Family Gear:

  • FAST Parents are encouraged to show their support for FAST athletes by wearing the team colors to meets. 
  • Items can also be ordered through online stores when open


Team Shirt Bundles and Basic FAST Caps:  

  • FAST swimmer t-shirt bundles and basic logo caps are available by emailing our Team Gear Coordinator, Sarah Putman at [email protected]
  • Items are charged to your FAST account.


  • Most practice equipment is available at MI Sports - contact information below: 
  • FAST is sponsored by Speedo.

MI Sports
3400 N. Garfield, Loveland
(970) 667-3539

To access the FAST team store online, go to the MI Sports website:  

When shopping in person, mention FAST to receive discounted prices: 20% on most equipment and 10% on any other swim-related gear (goggles, practice suits, caps, etc.).



Blue kickboard

MI Sports (for discount), or store of your choice


MI Sports (for discount), EPIC, or store of your choice

All other practice equipment (fins, pull buoys, etc.)

MI Sports (FAST swimmers receive a discount)

Optional FAST parka

MI Sports (FAST swimmers receive a discount)

Other optional swim gear (Speedo bags, advanced suits, practice cap, etc.)

MI Sports (for discount), or store of your choice