FAST Group Move-Up Guidelines

At the end of the short course season and the end of the long course season, coaches promote a collection of swimmers to new practice groups. During each “move-up” period, there are swimmers and parents of swimmers who struggle to understand the decision process used in determining whether or not a swimmer should be promoted. The following is a rough outline of factors the coaches use when determining practice group “move-ups.”

  1. For a swimmer to advance to the next practice group, there must be space available in the next group. The current size of the team makes this evaluation a harsh reality. There will be swimmers who are ready to advance, but don’t because there isn’t space for them. Be assured, the coaches will make sure swimmers are challenged regardless of their group placement.
  2. For swimmers to be eligible for a group promotion, they must have been swimming with the team in the two months prior to the evaluation period.
  3. Lane leadership experience in the current practice group is a key consideration in group promotion.
  4. Swimmers attending the expected number of practice sessions for their group will be considered for promotion.
  5. Swimmers consistently completing all practice sets on the prescribed intervals will be considered for promotion.
  6. A swimmer’s behavior at practice is considered when determining move-ups. Swimmers listening to the coach’s instructions, not disrupting practice, behaving maturely, encouraging their teammates, and giving appropriate effort during practice will be considered for promotion.
  7. A swimmer’s age will be considered. When possible, an attempt will be made to keep swimmers of similar ages in the same practice groups.
  8. A swimmer’s participation in FAST attended meets will be considered.
  9. A swimmer’s participation in qualifying meets such as Silver State, Senior State, LC State, and the 14&U Age Group Championships is considered.