At FAST our meet schedule is designed by the coaching staff to accommodate all ages and abilities levels on the team. These are the meets that athletes are expected to attend just as athletes are expected to attend the practice groups they are assigned.  Swimming in meets outside of this schedule is not recommended, however there could be times when a family has a conflict with a scheduled meet but still has the desire to compete.  In the event of this please use the following steps. 

  1. Prior to the meet, notify the swimmer’s coach  about the conflict and desire to compete outside of the FAST meet schedule.
  2. If permission is granted the parent/swimmer should get the swimmer’s coach to fill out a "meet verification" form.
  3. It is the parent/swimmer responsibility to contact the meet’s entry chair to secure a spot in the meet.  The parent/swimmer is solely responsible for submitting event information, best TIMES, and payment to the team hosting the meet.  FAST coaches are NOT responsible for entering swimmers in meets the team is not attending.
  4. At the meet, the swimmer must be overseen by an accredited coach during warm-ups.  It is the parent/swimmer responsibility to find a coach to oversee the swimmer during warm-ups.  This is generally not difficult, but it is a requirement to participate in the meet warm-up session.
  5. The parent/swimmer must turn in the "meet verification" form to the meet entry chair.
  6. When the meet is complete, it is the parent/swimmer responsibility to email the Zipped Meet Manager Results file to Coach Mike ( ).