FAST Team Support Information

2019-2020 Team Support Requirements

  • Families with swimmers in Nova, Fireball: 0 sessions required; participation encouraged.
  • Families with one swimmer in Arete, Senior, Discovery, Ascend, Challenge I, Tigershark or Hammerhead:  9 sessions
  • Families with more than one swimmer in Arete, Senior, Discovery, Ascend, Challenge I, Tigershark or Hammerhead:  11 sessions
  • Families with a swimmer in the High school Group: 2 sessions
  • Team Support Buyout Option:  $800, non-refundable.  Available until October 1 (see Terms & Conditions for full details)

2019-2020 Team Support Coordinator

[email protected].

Which meets can I earn Team Support Credit?

FAST Team Support credit is earned at a FAST hosted meet. There are many meets in which FAST is expected to provide timers (other Team's Meets, Districts, Silver State, State, etc); FAST Team Support credit is not earned at non-FAST meets. 

How can we check our team support balance?

To check your earned Team Support balance,  login to your FAST account on the FAST web site. Click the My Invoice/Payment link on the left, the click the Service Hours tab. Your balance should be listed.  Contact the Team Support Coordinator with any quesitons.

Meet-Related Positions

See below for a brief description of the duties for the various meet support positions that must be filled at FAST hosted swim meets or for team events and administration. 


Announcer Checklist

Announces opening of warm ups, start of meet, first call/last call and any general information to the public during the meet. Must arrive 15 minutes prior to warm ups.


Places results stickers on awards and either distributes ribbons to the swimmers during the meet or deposits ribbons in designated team bags for distribution to team coaches following the meet.

Clerk of Course

Clerk of Course Checklist

Receives, cuts and organizes lane timer sheets, processes add/scratch sheets for swimmers, accepts money owed for meet entry fees, and lines up young swimmers into their correct heats. Must arrive ½ hour prior to warm ups


(job description under construction...please check back)


Meet Computer

Enters relay teams and deck seeded swimmers into meet computer, compares timer sheets to console printouts to verify swimmer times and makes adjustments as necessary on meet computer, posts results at meet, prints award labels for awards, provides meet results to coaches on disk or flash drive (provided by coaches). May be asked to help set up or take down computer area if working first or last session of meet.

Timing Console

Responsible for running the timing system during a meet session.

Meet Entry Chair

Responsible for accepting swimmer meet entries and processing them for a SINGLE meet.

Head Timer

Head Timer Checklist

Organizes clipboards and lane timer sheets. Distributes stop watches and lane timer sign up sheets. Gives instructions to timers before the start of the meet and provides back up times during the meet.

Hospitality Director/Co-Director

Hospitality Director/Kitchen Manager Checklist

Responsible for arranging, planning, and presenting food, beverages and snacks for a SINGLE home meet. It is expected that the volunteer will attend all sessions of the meet and also serve as the Kitchen Manager for the meet. This position may be shared by Co-Hospitality Directors for any meet, and is highly recommended to be shared by Co-Hospitality Directors for larger meets.

Lane Timer

Times each heat with a stop watch and pickle. Writes down times on lane timer sheets. Hands out heat winner coupons or ribbons when applicable. Lane timers must be 12 or older.

Meet Director/Co-Director

Coordinates sanctioning, planning, and running a SINGLE home meet. The Meet Director is required to be on site during each session of the meet. It is recommended that the Meet Director position be shared by Co-Meet Directors.


Sells programs during the meet. Must arrive ½ hour prior to warm ups.


Collects lane timer sheets after each event and delivers to the computer table. Must be 12 years or older.

Safety Director/Meet Marshal

Safety Director/Meet Marshal Checklist

Monitors swim meet for accidents and misconduct of swimmers, coaches or general public.

Team Administration/Event Positions

Awards Coordinator

Maintains/stores inventory of FAST awards; works with Meet Director to procure appropriate awards for each FAST-hosted meet; coordinates with Coaches to distribute awards from non-FAST meets to swimmer folders.

Event Coordinators

Each FAST special event requires a coordinator. Special events include the Spring Banquet, Summer Picnic/Annual Meeting, July 4th Parade, and other events.

Team Support Coordinator/Assistant

Responsible for securing meet support volunteers for all home meets during the season. The Assistant works with the Meet Support Coordinator to secure meet support volunteers for all home meets during the season.

Web Site Manager

Manages, updates, and maintains all information on the FAST web site.