FAST Families,
As FAST’s membership continues to grow, the team has an increasing number of non-meet related opportunities for members to contribute to the team.  These opportunities include membership on committees, board member positions, fundraising, public relations, ad campaigns and facilities management. To reflect this change in the way members can contribute to the team, the phrase “meet support” is being changed to “team support.” FAST’s desire is to match the opportunities available with the skill sets of our amazingly talented members. 

Below you will find a list of needed positions to fill. 

Team Support Requirements can be found in the Terms & Conditions document that you signed when you registered with FAST.  Please click here if you wish to review the details.


Current Special Team Support Requests:


NONE. Please check back.

Sample Position Post:

Position:            June  Meet Hospitality Coordinator - NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

The Hospitality Coordinator has overall responsibility for ensuring adequate and appropriate food and beverages are served in a timely manner to the coaches, officials, and workers attending a FAST hosted meet.  The Hospitality Coordinator position can be shared by multiple people.
Commitment:    One Meet  - June 19 – June 21, 2014
Support Credits:   16 – This is a large, prelim finals meet. The position can be shared by multiple families.
Contact:  Anyone interested in this position should contact Dawn Tipton at
The Hospitality Coordinators responsibilities will include but not be limited to the following:
1)    Working with the meet director to determine the number of meals to be served, the format of the meet, the number of potential people partaking in hospitality, a rough budget and a timeline.
2)    Planning and executing menus for each day of the meet.
3)    Soliciting food/beverage donations from vendors in exchange for advertising at the meet.
4)    Doing the bulk of the shopping for hospitality food/supplies.  This can be coordinated with the Head of Concessions.
5)    Arriving prior to the first session of the meet to “set up” the hospitality room.
6)    During the meet, the hospitality coordinator ensures that kitchen workers assigned to each session are knowledgeable in the preparation and serving (buffet style) of each meal on the menu.
7)    During the meet, the hospitality coordinator ensures that food from vendors arrives to the kitchen in a timely manner.
8)    OPTIONAL: Hospitality Coordinators may opt to prepare food for particular portions of the menu. Some Hospitality Coordinators prefer to make food rather than seek donations or purchase food.
9)    At the end of the meet, the Hospitality Coordinator works with Hospitality Support Workers to clean up the kitchen and return all of FAST’s hospitality equipment to the storage area.
10) The Hospitality Coordinator takes an inventory of remaining supplies (cups, plates, napkins etc) and provides those numbers to the Hospitality Coordinator for the next meet.
11) Submitting all expenses to FAST Business Manager no later than three days after the end of the meet.
            Kathy Mason                      
            Kyra Geraghty                   
            Terry & Colleen Fine          
            Head of Concessions:        Toby Engel
            Meet Directors                      Lance Holter
            Kitchen Managers
            Business Manager              Julie Wallace (