FAST (Fort Collins Area Swim Team) is a year-round competitive swimming program designed to enable swimmers to grow into competitive swimming at the local, state and/or national levels in accordance with the respective ability and desire of the swimmer.

We provide opportunities for physical, social, and emotional development and teach the values of goal setting, discipline and fitness. FAST is a non-profit organization managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, with club membership composed of parents and guardians of FAST swimmers. 

FAST is a USA Swimming club and affiliated with Northern Colorado Swimming within the LSC of Colorado Swimming


World Class Character through Excellence in Swimming


To create an environment where each individual swimmer can develop their fullest potential as an athlete and a person. To teach swimmers to set high, yet realistic goals and to accept the challenge and responsibility for success. To develop in our swimmers a positive self-image, social awareness, and mutual respect for teammates as well as the competition.  We are comitted to providing a safe and positive inviroment for all members.

FAST Address and Phone

PO Box 272411
Fort Collins, CO 80527

FAST Business Manager

For billing information, please email using the "contact us" link on the FAST Home page.  Please include swimmers name and practice group on all communications.