Excellent Character Shout Outs!

Alexandra Jacobs

We have some more awesome people to recognize!


Last week our High School girls competed in their State Meet. Although our girls go to different schools FAST is represented through their performances, and we support all of our girls from the Northern Colorado area.

Emily Rinker and Renee Gillilan, swimmers on Arete who swim for Fossil Ridge, were the epitome of FTT (For The Team) they both recognized that giving up their place on A-relays would benefit the team overall. These girls communicated with each other and their teammates before bringing the idea to their head coach. Fossil Ridge ended up winning the 200 Medley Relay, and the 400 Free Relay at 5A State for their decisions.

Next up, Lydia Genson! Lydia swims with the Senior Group at FAST, and has taken her leadership skills over to Fort Collins High School. She has been a major part of Fort Collins’s success this year. If you know anything about Lydia you would know she has a great work ethic and is a great example of how staying dedicated to the process does pay off. She has been a great leader to her teammates, not only for her commitment to the work, but also as a go-to for any part of the process: how to do a drill/skill, where to sit, how to prepare for races, what to bring to a meet, etc.

Mishka Little, another Senior Group athlete who swims for Fort Collins High School, created a winning atmosphere for her teammates, and Northern Colorado swimmers in general. Her continuous ~GoOd ViBeS~ really set the tone for success at State, and supported her teammates all the way to the finish!

And littlest but not least, a outshout to a Fireball, Rylan Grissom! Not Girls High School Swimming related.. Rylan earned some game time for being the first swimmer to complete a challenge his group was competing in. Once earning this game him he requested that they wait to redeem the game time until his teammate (who took a tumble in the bleachers and is out of the pool for a while) is able to come back to practice. Rylan and all of the Fireballs and Novas came together to decorate and sign a card to wish their teammate well while he heals up.


Thank you swimmers for showing everyone your excellent character! Keep it up!