12&Under State Championship Recap

Alexandra Jacobs

This past weekend FAST hosted the 12&Under Colorado State Championship meet. First and foremost I would like to thank very volunteer who helped manage the meet this weekend, it take a whole army of parents, swimmers, friends, and coaches to make these things happen, and we could not do any of it without your support! We appreciate you!

This State meet was a fantastic opportunity to get to see our swimmers two-years of hard work come together for a true end of season championship meet. They did an incredible job of preparing for each race, making changes from Prelims to a finals to improve times as much as possible at night, making timed finals swims count when they only had one shot, and being the best teammates they could be. The littlest kids were the biggest cheerleaders at the afternoon sessions and it was their support and positivity that encouraged the older kids to be extra tough throughout three long days of racing. Shout out to our relay swimmers who all showed up and knew where to be and when to be there! Thank you to our alternates who prepared like every other kid and we’re ready to race at any point!

A few highlights from the weekend:

Friday- Parker Grissom swam the 400free, made it back to finals, and earned the title of the 11-12 Boys 400Free State Champion, getting first place with a time of 4:55.16

Saturday- every swim that made it back to Finals qualified for the A-Final heat (Top 8 out of 24 swimmers) Josie Stahl, Jaxson Mania, Liam Moore, and Parker Grissom showed up in Prelims with amazing swims, qualified for Finals and swam even faster at night in every race

Sunday- a tough day to compete hard in as it’s the third consecutive day for these 12&Unders. And every 12&Under who competed that day made it back to Finals. That is an incredible thing to do on the last day of a meet- everyone to swam in prelims qualified for finals

Way to Go FAST!