Positive Coaching Alliance Meetings

Alexandra Jacobs

FAST Families,

We have coordinated parent and team meetings with the Positive Coaching Alliance. The Positive Coaching Alliance will be coming out to our swim team to discuss how parents and athletes can improve oneself and each other to elevate their experience here at FAST. Below are links to references that will be discussed at our Positive Coaching Alliance Meetings.




Below are our Meeting Schedules:

Tuesday October, 19th

Parent Meeting via Zoom 7:00PM

            Zoom details will be sent out closer to the Meeting Date


Wednesday October 20th

Ascend and Discovery Meeting at EPIC 4:15pm

            Ascend and Discovery: Practice 3:45-5:45PM, begin with Dryland, attend the PCA Meeting, and swim until 5:45PM

Hammerhead, Tigershark, Fireball, and Nova Meeting at EPIC 5:15PM

            Fireball and Nova: Practice 4:00-5:00PM, then attend the PCA Meeting

            Tigershark and Hammerhead: 5:15-6:45PM, begin with the PCA Meeting and then swim until 6:45PM


Thursday October 21st

Arete, Challenge, High School, and Senior Meeting at EPIC 6:15PM

            Arete: Practice 4:45-6:00PM, then attend the PCA Meeting

            Challenge, High School, and Senior: Practice 6:15-8:15PM, begin with the PCA Meeting, then swim until 8:15PM