USA ESCROW ACCOUNTS  (for Meet Entry Fees)

Please note  that charges against your USA Escrow Account are fees for the individual meet events entered not the events actually swum. Fees are not refunded when a swimmer is entered but does not compete in an event.

Please make sure to promptly check all posted meet entries so that your swimmer is not inadvertently entered in a meet which will incur fees.

No refund for non-attendence at meet. Your account is charged for meet fees if swimmer is entered. If swimmer is wrongly entered, such notification must be prompt to be able to adjust the entry before the check is mailed to the host club!

However, as the 4 swimmers on a relay team are often chosen on deck, instead of charging those anticipated to swim a relay when the entry is submitted, relay entry fees are charged against the USA Escrow Accounts of those swimmers who actually swum the relay event.



Families of all competitive team swimmers continuing to swim thru’ Spring/Summer are asked to top-up their USS Escrow Accounts to achieve a minimum balance for upcoming meet fee expenses.

Suggested Minimum Balance at the start of the Spring/Summer season:

                             $200 for all Novice 1 and above Swimmers.

Please Login to this web site to check your current Escrow Account Balance status  under Invoices & Payments,  click on ’History’ , with appropriate dates to see all expenses and payments entered thus far.
(Remember a negative Escrow Balance here means you have money in the Escrow Account.)

No Escrow Balance Due (ie positive Balance under Invoices & Payments) must remain when Championship Entries are due or your swimmer risks not being entered.

When your swimmer completes their last Spring/Summer meet, you must ensure no Escrow Balance Due remains past the end of this LC season.

A separate check made payable to ’Greenwich YMCA’ Marlins should be given to your coach or mailed to the Swim Team Office at Greenwich YMCA asap. Credit card payments may be made only in person at the YMCA.

NB: All payments must be noted as being for Marlins USS Swim Team Dues - Escrow Account.