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Coaching Staff


Head Coach - Marnie Dwyer

Marnie started swimming at the age of 5.  She has competed at both the State and National level.  She swam on a scholarship at Colorado State University for 4 years. After college she competed for Daland Masters out of Southern California for 5 years and also competed in Master’s Nationals in 1995.  Marnie has been with the club for 15 years as a professional coach; starting out as the splash coach and assistant age group coach for 6 years and then progressing to the head age group coach for another 6 years.  Currently, Marnie is the Head Coach with an ASCA level 3 certification.  She has coached age group national swimmers, high school, Senior Zones, Sectional, Futures and Junior National Qualifiers. Many with top 10 placings.  She continually educates herself with new training and stroke techniques to give her swimmers the most up to date information and combines those with the proven techniques from years past. With the size of the club, she can give individual attention to her swimmers, as well as group training.

Age Group Coach - Erik Dwyer

Coach Erik has been a professional swim coach for over 11 years.  He started swimming competitively at age 10 and continued throughout high school. While swimming he also competed in high school gymnastics. He attended Colorado State University where he swam masters and also was a cheerleader for four years. He has a degree in Biology and Anatomy.  

After  college  he competed for Daland Masters out of Southern California for 4 years.  Returning to Colorado he played and coached both ice and roller hockey and then decided to get back into the swimming world again and joined the Redtails staff as the splash coach in 2007. He progressed to coaching the Bronze group, eventually picking up Silver and Gold to become the the Age Group coach at the same time Coach Marnie became Head Coach.   Erik enjoys the high energy that comes from the age group kids! Erik enjoys running and lifting on the side when he can find the time! 

To contact the coaches email: [email protected]