Speedo swim bags can be purchased at MI Sports and embroidered.

MI Sports gives a discount to members who place an order in person or over the phone. Please mention that you are a member of the Longmont Swim Club.

Silicone and latex Redtails caps are available from your coaches.

Silicone $13; Latex $5.00; special order - set of 2 Silicone with Last Name $28

Team suits and group equipment can be purchased from MI Sports: http://www.swimmisports.com

Go to SHOP BY TEAM and pick Longmont Swim Club. Password is REDTAILS

Group equipment can be purchased from MI Sports 3400 N. Garfield, Loveland, CO 80538. Call to order at 800 693-3539 or 970 667-3539.

The Senior Group equipment list:

  • TYR Catalyst Paddles
  • Speedo Switchblade Training Fins
  • Finis Alignment Board (small triangle w/hand strap)
  • Finis Swimmers Snorkel
  • Mesh Bag, to hold equipment
  • buoy
  • 2 tennis balls
  • finis leg band
  • OPTIONAL: Tempo Timer (one that is battery replaceable)

The Gold Group equipment list:

  • Finis swimmers snorkel
  • TYR catalyst training paddle
  • pull buoy (make sure its ot too big for your body size)
  • mesh Bag
  • Speedo Switchblade training fins
  • finis leg band for pulling
  • Finis alignment board (small yellow triangle w/hand strap)

The Silver Group equipment list:

  • finis swimmers snorkel
  • pull buoy ( make sure it is not too big for your body size)
  • mesh Bag
  • Speedo Switchblade training fins
  • finis leg band for pulling
  • finis alignment board (small yellow triangle with hand strap)

Bronze Group: None

Splash Group: None