10 reasons to get out the front door and get wet! 


 1. Exercise - Many authorities on sports for children point out that swimming uniquely develops the cardiovascular system to the maximum. This makes swimming an ideal sport for children. An efficient  cardiovascular system is a key component to life-long health. This is in addition to the fact that children run very little risk of traumatic injury in swimming; which is a major consideration in dealing with growing and developing bodies.

 2. All Abilities Welcome - Swimmers learn the relationship between hard work and results. Exceptional size and ability are over shadowed by hard work. Success often is individual and not dependent on others to achieve a goal.

3. Friends - Swimming is an ideal way to create relationships among peers. Swimmers work together to achieve their goals and encourage each other in the process, while forming life long friendships along the way. 

4. Parent Child Interaction - In swimming you have the opportunity to learn about your child and who they are. In today’s world it is easy to get caught up in TV, the internet, video games and work. Swimming provides an excellent opportunity to know your child and encourage them in a positive environment.  

5. Dedication - Learning “dedication” is a complicated concept to teach. However swimming offers the unique ability to learn this by doing. In swimming, swimmers are innately rewarded as an individuals for   their efforts.
6. School - Studies have shown time and time again; students who are involved in athletics have better time management skills and often better grades.
7. Weather - Most training and swim meets are in a climate controlled environment. In other words—indoors. Athletes and spectators do not have to come prepared  with blankets and sweaters to enjoy the fun.
8. Consistency - The Redtails take pride in their professional coaching staff. This means day in and day out each athlete has the benefit of a coach who cares who they are, how they are doing, and helps them achieve their potential.

9. Affordability - Swimming is competitive with many other sports and often offers a better value. Month to month there is flexibility in which meets they choose to attend.

10. Water Safety - Safety is priority number one. While in the program swimmers learn what is safe around a body of water and often learn life saving skills.

11. Fun - Ok. This is number eleven, but we take our fun seriously. In swimming the athletes work and train hard. For the athlete this work must be enjoyable and rewarding. Redtails work hard at creating an environment which each athlete has a positive experience. Swimming is often   not about the “swimming,” but rather the experiences, memories, tears, laughs and friendships that are created along the way.