Our registration and squad fees cover most of Weston Swimming's team needs. We have incorporated fundraising efforts in order to raise money for items like dryland and other team equipment needs, emergency/contingency funds to ensure access to a pool in case ours becomes unusuable for a period of time, etc. 

Throughout the year, there will be several opportunities for families to support their swimmer and the team as a whole. See the links below for what fundraising opportunites are currently being offered:

NFL Championship Football Squares -

Taking advantage of Football Fever, Weston Swimming will be doing a square football fundraiser for the final three games of the championship season! Monies raised will be used for needed pool and dryland equipment.
Absolutely zero football knowledge is required and it is FUN! If you have never played before, here is how. You buy a set number of squares and placement of those squares are randomly chosen by a web-based program. Each square will have two numbers associated with it - one for the last digit in the score of each team.  Winners for football squares are determined at the end of each quarter. For example, during the Rams v Saint game if you have the Ram number of 4 and Saint number of 0 and the Rams lead 14-10 at the end of the first quarter, you would win a share of the pot.
Here are the details:
- $30 buys you a single square in each of the three remaining games. Spots will be randomly assigned by using web-based random NFL square generator. You are welcome to (encouraged even!) to purchase multiple squares.
- The grid of squares will be emailed to participants at noon on game day. Two grids on this Saturday and one on Super Bowl Sunday.
- Payouts are as follows:
      - 1st and 3rd Quarters $75
      - Halftime $100
      - Final Score for AFC and NFC Championships (this Sunday) $250
      - Final Score for Super Bowl $300
To join in the fun, please fill out this form. After the form is filled out, we need to obtain payment. Venmo is preferred, but we can also accept checks. No cash please as it is much easier to keep track of who signed up if there is a name attached to the payment.  To Venmo, please send @colleen-phelan-3. Please put Weston Swimming in the "What's it for?' area. If you wish to pay by check, please make check payable to either Cash or Colleen Phelan, fill out this form and give your check to Charlie Bailey, Chris Bailey, or Colleen Phelan. Colleen and Charlie will pop in the pool during younger kid practice this week upstairs to obtain payments. Just let us know when you will be there. Colleen and both of the Baileys will be at the Greenwich meet this weekend as well.
Any questions, contact Colleen at phelancol@gmail.com

Yankee Candle - America's #1 candle brand! Aside from candles, Yankee Candle has a broad array of home fragrances and decor items at various price points. Forty percent of all sales go to Weston Swimming. Click here to see the flyer for general information. If you are ready to shop, check out Weston Swimming's Yankee Candle Portal!

Legacy Wall: The hallways to the locker rooms are lined with plaques to comemmorate our swimmer's time at Weston Swimming. Add your swimmer to the wall!

To Order:  Please fill out Legacy Wall Order Form and return your completed form to Michelle Bradley @ ambradley26@optonline.net.