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Gator Group


Weston Swimming's Gator Group is where our youngest athletes learn the skills needed to be USA swimmers. Gator Group is for swimmers ages 9&Under learning the 4 strokes as well as competitive turns and race starts.



Practice & Meet Expectations

Gator Group practices currently run 2 days per week and the program is designed to build strong fundamentals and stroke technique. Gator Swimmers are expected to compete in at least one meet per month from October - February and are expected to make at both practices per week.

Swimming Requirements

Gator Swimmers must be able to complete at least one lap of Freestyle and Backstroke unassisted without stopping and preferably know either Breaststroke or Butterfly when joining the team.


Gator Group gear: All swimmers need a water bottle!

Please finds all the gear requirements on our SwimOutlet team store



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