Age Group Championship Final Timing Assignment

Michelle Bradley
Mar 13, 2019

Dear Weston Swimming Parents,

Please see final timing assignments for Age Group Championship meet below. 


Friday, March 15th:

13 & Over:       7:45AM            Gabrielle Miller & Jennifer Taft

11/12:               11:45AM          Charlie Bailey

10 & Under:     timer not needed

Saturday, March 16th:

13 & Over:       7:45AM            Susan Daignault & Robin Pavia

11/12:               11:45AM          Janine Russo

10 & Under:     2:40PM            Samantha Holmes (Rich Kreger)

Sunday, March 17th:

13 & Over:       7:45AM            Jennifer Hough & Hyeja Kim

11/12:               11:45AM          Anne Von Herrmann

10 & Under:     timer not needed

PLEASE NOTE:  As a reminder, we will be required to provide timers for finals. If your swimmer makes finals, please be prepared to time as well.

Thank you and Congratulations!!