Important - How to stay in the know about any practice changes

Weston Swimming

Welcome to the start of Weston Swimming’s 2019-20 Short Course Season!

This email is a bit long, but it is extremely important so please read through to the end.

For those of you that are new to Weston Swimming, we occasionally have some practice schedule changes because we share our pool with the high school teams. Generally, we know in advance when those practice shifts will occur, but the high school schedule can change mid-season from time to time. Historically, we have sent out an email with all the new practice times listed. This is our second year of an additional notification policy.

As changes occur, coaches will send a general email out that changes to the schedule have been made. The coaches will modify our Team Practice Calendar for any squads that are impacted.

How you receive update practice times can be done one of two ways. The best way is to subscribe to your swimmer’s squad practice schedule. (How to do that is outlined below). The other way is to look to your swimmer’s squad webpage and see what changes were made to the practices. The upcoming week’s specific squad practices are listed at the top of each squad page.

When you subscribe to your swimmer’s page, all their practices will be automatically embedded in your Google or iCal calendar. Any changes to the team calendar will automatically sync with your Google or iCal. Below are the steps of how to subscribe to your swimmer’s squad practice calendar.

Go to Weston Swimming’s Webpage and click on ‘Team Practice Calendar’ as shown below:

Next choose your child’s roster. After you have chosen your child’s roster, hit “Subscribe”

At this point, a new screen will come up and you can copy the link to the practice calendar:

If you are using a Google Calendar, follow the steps below. If you are using iCal, skip to the iCal part afterwards.

Get into your Google Calendar and click ‘Add a friend’s calendar’ and then “From URL”

Paste the copied URL from the team calendar and then hit ‘Add Calendar’

At this point, your swimmer’s calendar should sync to your Google calendar. For notification, be sure that your Settings has this Alert Notification enabled:

For iCal users:

Open up iCal after you have copied the Practice URL from your swimmer’s squad practice calendar.

Enter Choose File and then New Calendar Subscription.


Enter/Paste the Squad’s Calendar URL, you copied from the Weston Swimming Squad Calendar



Choose the name of the New Calendar and be sure to uncheck alerts so you receive alerts when the calendar is updated.

Hit ‘Ok’ and the calendar will sync.

Enjoy staying up to date with your swimmer's practices!