Weston Swimming needs YOU to become a USS Swimming official.

It is very important for our team to have as many officials as possible. Not only does it add prestige to our team with CT swimming, having officials on our team allows us to sponsor our own meets at our pool, giving our swimmers a home team  advantage. Weston also earns money from hosting a meet.  Thus, teams coming to our meets basically subsidize our team and our swimmers.  It also helps to boost our team pride and morale when our swimmers have a meet here at our own pool. Additionally, providing officials at away meets, reduces the number of timers we are required to provide.  Finally, being an Official allows you to be on deck during a meet, close to the action.  You are an integral and active participant in making sure a meet runs smoothly and efficiently.

To become an Official, there are the 6 easy steps to follow:

1)    Fill out the USA Swimming 2010 Non-Athlete Registration
Application (click here to download)

2)    Write a check for $57 payable to CT Swimming, Inc. - upon
completion of the training and certification as an official - Weston
Swimming will reimburse you for the $57.


3)    Mail the finished Application and check to Judy Snow at CT
Swimming, as indicated on the Application.

4)    Attend one of the Officials Clinics that will
be hosted this Fall:



Please send a confirming message to the instructor at the email addresses provided above and copy Elizabeth Clark at  elizabethc@artifactdesigngroup.com on that confirmation email.


 Additional details can be found at

5)    Once you have completed the clinic, you will take an easy
on-line test. 

6)    Upon successfully passing the test, you will begin your
practical training as a Stroke & Turn Official by working at four USA
Swimming sanctioned swim meets. 


The Stroke & Turn Officials watch the swimmers during the race to ensure that they are performing the strokes legally and that their turns and finishes are compliant with the rules.  Your tempered judgment can make a big difference in the outcome of a race! 

We already have a handful of dedicated parents that have qualified as Officials.  It enables us to host meets as well as get extra credit to minimize our need for timers.  A team that provides an Official at a meet session, gets credit for two timers!  More than that, it really is fun and you get to watch great swimming from the deck.


The websites below will link you to CT Swimming
and USA Swimming and
give you a chance to explore the subject in more detail.


CT Swimming - Officials

USA Swimming - Officials

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Elizabeth Clark at elizabethc@artifactdesigngroup.com

**If you become trained, you will fulfill your required 3 volunteer credits for the season + you will receive the $57 registration refund**