Weston Swimming uses our Team Unify website to invoice and process payments against registration, team fees, meet fees, events and other items charged to your swimmer's account. Here is step-by-step instructions on how to access your Weston Swimming invoice.

First login and then click "My Account"

Next, click "Dues Schedule" and then "View Account Invoices"

You then can see if you are paid-in-full or have an outstanding balance. You also have three options to dig deeper into your invoice:

1. "Current Invoice Summary" gives you a breakdown of the bill that was generated the first of that  month. It includes specfic charges like team fees, meet fee, etc.

2. "Projcted Amount Owed..." gives you an estimate of what will be owed for the  following month, given what is already billed in the system. Meets fees are billed as they are incurred, so it might not reflect the  whole picture depending on the date of the month.

3. "Billing History" allows you to look back at your history of charges and payments by each month.