Weston Swimming – Where does my registration money get spent? 

Weston Swimming is an independent, not-for-profit swim club.  We are funded completely through the swimmer registration fees, meet fees and team fundraising efforts.  The only paid employees are our coaching staff.  There is no paid compensation to the board of Directors or parent volunteers.  

Our registration & meet fees cover a variety of expenses: 

  • Coach’s salary (including federal and state taxes and payment to payroll service)
  • Connecticut Swimming, Inc. - swimmer’s registration and insurance coverage
  • Town of Weston pool usage fees
  • Liability Insurance for coaches and Weston Swimming Board
  • Meet entry fees
  • Coach’s expense for travel and professional development
  • General administration Fees (website, computer equipment, supplies, accountant costs)
  • Special Events costs (end of year banquet, ice skating, etc…, including any costs for janitorial support)
  • Ribbons / Trophies 

Weston Swimming is committed to providing the best possible developmental and competitive swim experience to all age groups and skill levels at the lowest possible cost. 

Tryouts – For all swimmers who are new to Weston Swimming

$40 non-refundable fee

(per swimmer)

~~Tryouts will be on July 30th and 31st.  Aug/Sept Dates TBD ~~

(If you have any questions, please contact our Head Age Group coach, John Scaldini @   john@westonswimming.org)

  • Minimum requirements: swimmers must be at least six years old and must be able to swim one lap of freestyle (rhythmic breathing, arms recover out of the water, face in the water, flutter kick), and one lap of backstroke (flutter kick, arms recover out of water).
  • A swimmer must be able to follow directions and listen/behave accordingly in a group setting.
  • Swimmers will be placed in the appropriate team level by the coaching staff after tryouts.


Season Start/End Dates

  • Year-round (short course and long course) starts on Tuesday, September 11th and continues through July of 2019 (exact date depends on championship meets qualifications)Please note:  AGE Group Selects, Senior Selects and Nationals are only offered YEAR Round.
  • Short Course season will officially start on Monday, September 10th and will run thru February (exact date depending on championship meets qualifications).

Practices Days/Week

  • Blue
  • Gold (8 and Under) –
  • Age Group 9/10 years old –
  • Age Group 11/12 years old –
  • Age Group Select –
  • Senior –
  • Senior Select –
  • Senior National –

Practice expectations for each team level are explained on our website.

How to Register

Do not log into your account, first click on Register now then log in.

Registration Fees

$500 is collected at the time of registration, team fees are divided and billed from October thru May through Auto-pay)

Year Round Fees are as follows: (October to May billing thru Autopay)

  • Blue: $500 registration + $95 = $1260
  • Gold: $500 registration + $146.88 = $1675
  • Age Group 9/10: $500 registration + $187.50 = $2000
  • Age Group 11/12: $500 registration + $237.50 = $2400
  • Age Group-Select: $500 registration + $296.87 = $2875
  • Senior: $500 registration + $200 = $1700
  • Senior Select: $500 registration + $325 = $3100
  • Senior National: $500 registration + $384.38 = $3575

PLEASE NOTE:  All USA Swimming, CT Swimming and Town pool fees are included.

Short Course Only Fees are as follows: (October to March)

  • Blue: $500 registration + $73 = $938
  • Gold: $500 registration + $125 = $1250
  • Age Group 9/10: $500 registration + $162.50 = $1475
  • Age Group 11/12: $500 registration + $212.50 = $1775
  • Senior: $500 registration + $125 = $1250

Long Course Only Fees are as follows: (May to June)

  • Blue: $250 registration + $119 = $488 **as needed
  • Gold: $250 registration + $200 = $650
  • Age Group 9/10: $250 registration + $262.50 = $775
  • Age Group 11/12: $250 registration + $337.50 = $925
  • Senior: $250 registration + $200 = $650
  • Senior Select: $250 registration + $475 = $1200

**Billing will be via Auto-pay with a credit card on file and billed on the first of every month.**

Informational Parent Meeting

  • We will have a Mandatory parent meeting in the Weston Public Library for new swimming families. Returning families are encouraged to attend for a refresher on our procedures and policies.  Date and Time to follow.
  • Program expectations, meet requirements, and parent timing requirements will be explained at this meeting.

Clothing & Gear

  • All swimmers who will be competing in Swim meets must purchase our team suit, cap and warm up jacket or parka.  Suits can be purchased directly from Metro swim in Norwalk.  Swimmers who need to be fitted for a team warm up must go to the Metro Swim which has our team gear.
  • All orders must be placed by Monday, September 24th.  

Meet Information

  • Meet fees will be charged on a meet-by-meet basis. Please refer to our website for instructions.
  • Procedures will be explained at the informational parent meeting.

Refund Policy

  • The deadline for requesting refunds is September 17th.  Please email your request to our Registrar, Charlie Bailey @ mrscharliebailey@hotmail.com
  • The USA registration fee and the Weston Parks & Recreation pool pass fee are non-refundable. 
  • Additionally, there is a $50 processing fee for all refunds.




**If you have more than one swimmer, the family timing requirement cap is 6 shifts.   This excludes timing your own swimmer for distance races. It also excludes Championship meets, finals or travel meets. Those shifts are not included in the minimum requirement. **