Long Course Registration - 2019

Open for Returning Members

2/28/19 - 5/10/19

Open for New Members

3/1/19 - 5/31/19

7 Members

Welcome to Weston Swimming 2019 Long Course season. We are pleased to offer electronic payment processing and registration. This process is simple for both new and returning members.

Please note that all new swimmers and those swimmers who previously signed up for Short Course in September will pay the same BASE REGISTRATION fee of $250.  New swimmers will pay a non refundable tryout fee of $40.  If a new swimmer is approved after tryouts, they will then be billed the BASE REGISTRATION fee of $250 (Blue/Gold and up.  Plus any new swimmer will also need to pay a USA Swim fees and Weston Parks and Recreation pool pass totalling $120.  

There will also be $50 late fee assessed for registration after the date specified on our LC flyer, which is non refundable.  So sign up early to avoid the late fee charge.

Once our coaches post our Long Course rosters, our Blue/Gold, Age Groups, Age Group Selects, Senior Development, Senior and National Swimmers will be charged additional team fees. These payments will be made through our automatic billing system and are due on April 1st. Any unpaid fees will incur a late payment charge.

This season, we are continuing the Long course meet payment structure. We will be charging on a meet by meet basis, based on meet entries, rather than requiring a lump sum up front payment. Meet fees will be billed monthly.

Registration is not open. Please come back later.