Long Course 2021 Registration


Tentative Long Course Season Dates

April 12-July 11, 2021 or last qualified Championship Season meet*

*Fees for practices beyond July 11 will be charged for Championship Season swimmers.

Long Course 2021 Registration 


We have room for all returning OCSC swimmers (swam at least one season with OCSC) who have pre-registered.  If you haven’t pre-registered please email [email protected]


Registration dates

Mon, Apr 5-placements/schedule will be sent on this date to all who pre-registered


Tue, Apr 6-Thu, Apr 8-Registration for those with placements 


Friday, Apr 9 & Sat, Apr 10-Registration for Tigershark Campers that have completed camp and are placed.


Registration Fees

Full Long Course season:

  • April 12th - July 11th (3 Months for billing)  - Leopard/Hammerhead/Sand/Squali/Bull/Thresher  
  • *Fees for practices beyond July 11 will be charged for Championship Season swimmers.

Below are the full Long Course Monthly registration fees.

Leopard Sharks: $100 per month 

Hammerhead Sharks: $105 per month

Sand Sharks: $100 per month

Squali: $140 per month

Bull Sharks: $135 per month

Thresher Sharks: $135 per month

Tiburones: $215 per month

Makos: $235 per month

*Late Registration Fee* – families who register late (space permitting) will be subject to a $50 Late Registration fee.  Please, register timely within your Registration Group window!

*Early Withdrawal Fee* – if a family should choose to withdraw their child within the first 2 weeks of practice, they will be subject to a $50 Early Withdrawal fee.  No Refunds will be issued for swimmers withdrawing from the team after the 2nd week of practice.


Tigershark Camp/Evaluation

Registration for Tigershark Camp:  Mon, Mar 29-Fri, Apr 2

Tigershark Camp dates:  Wed, Apr 7 & Thu, Apr 8


Link to register for Tigershark Camp




Tigershark Camp Details

Campers will be assigned a 30 minute time slot on either Wed, Apr 7 or Thu, Apr 8 between 5-6:30 pm to be evaluated for readiness for swim team and correct placement as space allows in swim groups.  


We are not allowed to have spectators due to Covid-19 protocols. Swimmers should arrive in their suits as locker rooms are closed also due to Covid-19 protocols. We will direct swimmers where to put their clothes, towels, etc spaced 6 feet from others. 


Swimmers must wear a mask until time to enter the pool.  Swimmers must have the ability to stay 6 feet from others at all times.  Coaches will meet swimmers to enter the pool approximately 5 min prior to their scheduled time slot for camp.


Bring: goggles, swim suit (wear it), towel, any clothes, coats, swim caps are optional, mask (wear it). 


We will max out at 2 swimmers per lane so a total of 12 swimmers for each period. We will assign times based on age so please do not request a specific day/time. 


Participation in camp does not guarantee placement on our team. We anticipate spots open in most of our groups, but registration for returning swimmers is happening simultaneously this year.  We will send out either a placement with practice schedule, a recommendation for lessons, or wait list options on Friday, April 9. Registration for those with a placement will be immediately after placement is received on Friday, April 9 and on Saturday, Apr 10.