Parent Requirements

Hosting swim meets and the Oregon Kid’s Triathlon (OKT) are important parts of our club’s revenue, second only to actual registration fees. As such, every registered family is required to volunteer their time during OCSC hosted meets and OKT as outlined below.  Every family has the same number of required shifts regardless of the number of children in the family, or whether your swimmer is participating in the event we are hosting or not. 

The Oregon Community Swim Club (OCSC) swim season is divided into 2 seasons:

  • Short Course – September to late Feb/early March
  • Long Course – April through July

Volunteer Requirements

We need volunteers to run our events so we do expect a parent, relative, teen, or family friend to volunteer.  If you choose not to provide a volunteer on behalf of your family for an OCSC event a fee will be added to your account as follows.

My child swims with OCSC any season 2022-2023:

  1. Volunteer for OKT in Aug. 2023. I understand my account will be charged $300 if I do not fulfill this requirement.
  2. Volunteer for at least one session of our hosted or co-hosted swim meets.  I understand my account will be charged $100 if I do not fulfill this requirement.  We will get hosted meet dates to you when solidified (we expect one possibly Sep 24 or Sep 25, one over winter, and one over the summer at a minimum).


​​For any questions about OCSC Parent Requirements, please contact our Board of Directors.