Full Long Course 2021

Open for New Members

6/2/21 - 6/6/21


This registration is for current Short Course swimmers wanting to register for Full Long Course Only.

Families who notified the coaches their swimmer intends to register for Full Long Course – please refer to the  placement email indicating which group your swimmer should register in.

  • If you did not receive a group placement email – please email [email protected] for placement BEFORE registering.
  • Please DO NOT guess or assume which group your swimmer should be in – this will create more work for us and delay your approval.  Thank you in advance for your help with this process!

Swimmers new to OCSC

Must first complete Tigershark camp. 

IMPORTANT: You must complete online registration in order to secure your swimmer's spot on the team.  After you register online, you will receive 2 emails:

  1. a "Registration Receipt" which will confirm payment was received and will show your swimmer's status as "Pending Approval."
  2. an Approval/Confirmation - this email is your confirmation that your swimmer is officially on the Long Course roster.

All online registrations will be approved in the order they are received, in accordance with the priority group timelines listed above. If the system shows the group you are trying to register for as full, please register for the corresponding group Wait List.  There is a $25 charge to place your child on the Wait List - that charge will be refunded to your credit card in full, if a space does not open up.  If you are not sure which group to register for, please contact Coach Jim for direction.

Full Long Course season:

  • April 12th - July 11th (3 Months for billing)  - Leopard/Hammerhead/Sand/Squali/Bull/Thresher  
  • *Fees for practices beyond July 11 will be charged for Championship Season swimmers.

Below are the full Long Course Monthly registration fees.

Leopard Sharks: $100 per month 

Hammerhead Sharks: $105 per month

Sand Sharks: $100 per month

Squali: $140 per month

Bull Sharks: $135 per month

Thresher Sharks: $135 per month

Tiburones: $215 per month

Makos: $235 per month

*Late Registration Fee* – families who register late (space permitting) will be subject to a $50 Late Registration fee.  Please, register timely within your Registration Group window!

*Early Withdrawal Fee* – if a family should choose to withdraw their child within the first 2 weeks of practice, they will be subject to a $50 Early Withdrawal fee.  No Refunds will be issued for swimmers withdrawing from the team after the 2nd week of practice.

Registration is not open. Please come back later.