Five Reasons to Become an Official:

  1. You’ll be working with the greatest group of volunteers in all sports.
  2. You’ll be close to the action – Best seats in the house. The bleachers aren’t comfortable anyway!
  3. High satisfaction; low pay. 
  4. It’s a great way to meet future Olympians—unless you already have one in your home
  5. Great food in hospitality and you can’t beat the price

How do I become an official for USA Swimming:re six basic steps to become a certified USA Swi

1. Take the Stroke & Turn/Timers test - the test is online at the USA swimming websiteMake sure you enter SE (Southeastern) as your LSC

You will need to create an account on
The Rule Book is online. 
However, any certified official has a current manual that you can borrow. That will make it easier to take the test. I also might recommend going to the website-printing off the test, taking it and then going back in and filling in your answers. Once you’ve taken and passed the test, please email a copy of the results to [email protected]  in order to track our apprentices and officials. This gives us a record of your test.

2. Become a member of USA Swimming - this is for on deck and meet insurance purposes.
Registration forms can be obtained from the Head Coach. The fee is waived if you commit to doing all of our meets and staying up to date. Generally, we send this in as a group at the beginning of October to have folks registered for the following year. You will be registered for the year for which the form indicates. (CTA has a policy of reimbursing you for this once you have worked your first two sessions as a certified official)

3. Level 2 Background Check - This is a requirement of all non-athlete members of USA swimming with direct contact with swimmers. Make sure you take the LEVEL 2 background check, not Level 1. There is also a fee associated with this action.

4. Athlete Protection Training (APT) - You will not be able to complete this portion until you are registered with USA Swimming. No additional fee required.

5. Apprentice - we will have you train on deck with a certified official who will help you become familiar with the procedure. You must have 6 apprentice sessions on deck over the course of at least two USA sanctioned meets. All apprentice sessions at an CTA hosted meet count towards your volunteer credit. All apprentice sessions worked at either “home” or “away’ meets count toward official’s certification.  If  apprenticing at other club pools (“away” meets) please check with the Meet Referee. You should always keep a record of all sessions that you work in any meet.

6. Attend a clinic – You will have to attend a clinic sometime during your apprentice period. These clinics for Stroke and Turn discuss professionalism and the individual strokes to a degree and are good opportunities to ask questions in a group setting. Clinics are often, but not always, held during championship meets as to have the greatest participation and are usually held in the morning before the a.m. session, so plan to get to the meet early.

We realize this was a lot of information, but it is important to get as much to you as possible.
Becoming an official definitely gives you a much greater appreciation of your children and their abilities. You have the opportunity to work on deck with some really nice people and meets are much more enjoyable, I think, because of the opportunity to officiate. If you have any additional questions, just email me and I’ll get right back to you. Thanks for joining us – we’re glad to have you!!!!!!!

Please click on the following link to learn more and get started:

You’ll need to become a member of USA Swimming. Depending upon the requirements o f your LSC, a new  Official may have to attend a clinic, take an official’s test Which is available on line, work as an apprentice to get your on the job training, and then … have fun!