On behalf of the CTA Board of Directors, we would like to welcome you to Crimson Tide Aquatics!  We are so happy to have you join our swim family!  We realize that as new members you may have questions concerning the way everything works and we would like to make that transition as easy as possible.  We have many people here to help answer any questions or concerns you may have.  We realize that it can be a bit confusing (and maybe even overwhelming) at the beginning of your membership so please do not hesitate to contact us.

How can I get information about practices, meets, team events, and parental meet support?

One great resource available to you that will help answer a lot of your questions is the CTA team website at http://swimcta.com.  You will also have an account on the website where you can manage your swimmer’s meet entries, view billing information, and signup for parent meet support. 

You will receive an email from our website platform or coaches announcing when you are able to register for upcoming meets, when you can sign up for parent meet support positions, and check the sign-up deadline for swim meets.  It is very important to pay attention to those deadline dates because it becomes very difficult and sometimes impossible to enter an athlete after the deadline.  Please also note that the parent meet support positions for the hosted meets often fill up very quickly, so try to register for any spots you would like as soon as sign-ups are available. 

You will also receive e-mails from our coaches about many different things concerning the team, including information pertaining to practice schedules, social activities, and various other items that concern CTA.  Please be sure to read all of these e-mails as they will contain very important information for you and your swimmer.

How do I stop end my swimmer(s) membership with CTA?

A parent may choose to discontinue or suspend their swimmer's participation with CTA via email by the 1st of the month prior to the swimmer's last month of participation.   Monthly dues cannot be prorated if the athlete chooses to leave mid-month.

Example: Little Johnnie would like to begin soccer beginning on March 1st.  CTA will need to get a 30-day notice from Johnie's parents by February 1st, to not be billed for March.

How do I contact my swimmer’s coach?

The CTA coaching staff welcomes questions from swimmers and/or parents.  Coaches can be contacted by e-mail to answer questions or to schedule a meeting before or after practice.  The coaches’ contact information is listed on the team website.  For safety purposes, we ask that parents refrain from contacting the coach while he/she is on deck coaching unless it is an emergency or pertaining directly to that practice.

Why does CTA require parent support at swim meets?

CTA usually hosts 3-4 meets throughout the year.  By hosting meets, it allows our swimmers to compete without having to travel (this is a huge savings given gas, hotel, eating out costs), is a significant portion of our annual revenue, and ensures that more of our swimmers can experience competition in a familiar place.  In order to host meets, we need our CTA parents to help with the various aspects of hosting the meet (i.e. timing, hospitality, announcer, runner, etc.), which is why we have the parent support requirements. 

The Terms and Conditions agreed to at the time of registration indicate that parental support at CTA hosted meets is required.  A support session typically averages 4 hours at a swim meet. There are many opportunities to fulfill your meet support sessions. Concessions, hospitality runner, lane timer, backup timer, and runner are all good jobs for a first time swim parent. 

Please note that unfulfilled team support requirements are charged at $50 for each session owed; it is very important to sign up for sessions when they become available.  

What is Southeastern Swimming and USA Swimming?

All swimmers are required to have a current registration with Southeastern Swimming and USA Swimming. Registrations are renewed annually during CTA registration process.  These organizations support the sport of swimming in Alabama, Tennessee, and panhandle of Florida; and in the United States for swimmers, coaches, officials, and families.

If we still have questions, is there someone we can talk with?

The "Contact Us" button on the CTA website is the best and fastest way to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Where do we buy CTA t-shirts/caps, swim equipment and team suits?

CTA usually holds a "equipment" night at the beginning of the swim season.  Watch for announcement via email.  Practice suits, team suits, goggles, and other necessary swim gear will be available. 

CTA team T-shirts and a CTA logo latex swim cap (for new swimmers) are given out at the beginning of each short course season.  If you need an additional cap, please let your coach know.  Please make sure that your swimmer's t-shirt size is correct in your familiy/member's account.   

Which meets should my swimmer enter?

The meet information on CTA home page will contain detailed meet information.  Specific questions regarding meets should be directed to the coaching staff.  

End of season championship meets often require that swimmers achieve specific time standards to be eligible to enter those meets.  If you have any questions, please email the coaching staff.  

What are the entry fees for meets?

Entry fees are required to compete in a swim meet.  Swimmers will pay a meet surcharge as well as fee for each individual event.  Surcharges and fees will vary by meet/location. Entry fees are listed in the meet information. Meet entry fees will be added to your CTA account and collected on the 1st of each month.  Entry fees for relays are shared by both CTA and the relay participants.

How do I know the amount of my monthly withdrawal for CTA?

Your CTA dues and meet fees are posted to your CTA account approximately one week prior to the withdrawal for your to review.  The monthly withdrawal occurs on the 1st of the following month.