Parent Support at CTA Hosted Meets

Swimming is a great sport for our youth to participate in, but requires time from not only the coaches - but parents as well!  The only way our swimmers can enjoy the sport and compete is by attending swim meets.  These events do not just magically happen.  They take a lot of planning and work, that can not be done by just the coaches (who would coach your swimmer during the meet?).  We need you to be that support for your swimmer(s) in his/her endeavor in this sport.

See below for a brief description of the duties for the various meet support positions that must be filled at CTA hosted swim meets. 

AnnouncerThe announcer will announce when events, heats are coming up.  The announcer will also let everyone know any important information that the meet referee/director needs shared.  This person needs to have a clear and fairly loud voice for the mic.

Bull-Pen - These 2-3 people will get the 8/unders lined up in order by heat and lane on the bleachers before their races.  These folks need to be great with kids and patient.

Clerk of Course - Receives, cuts and organizes lane timer sheets, processes add/scratch sheets for swimmers, accepts money owed for meet entry fees, gets coaching packets ready and distributed, makes any copies necessary for the meet officials, and generally is the necessary support behind the scenes.  

Hospitality - This person makes sure that there is plenty of food and drink stocked and accessible for that session, and that the area is kept orderly and clean.  In addition, the person needs to be cheerful and welcoming to the coaches and officials that come in.

Meet Computer - Enters relay teams and deck seeded swimmers into meet computer, compares timer sheets to console printouts to verify swimmer times and makes adjustments as necessary on meet computer, posts results at meet, prints award labels for awards, provides meet results to coaches on disk or flash drive (provided by coaches). May be asked to help set up or take down computer area if working first or last session of meet.

Timing Console - Responsible for running the timing system during a meet session.  This is a trained position that will take a few sessions of apprenticing to learn.

Lane Timer - Will time each heat with a stop watch and plunger.  This person will will record times on the lane timer sheets.  Lane timers need to be 15 years old.

Runner - Collects lane timer sheets after each event and delivers to the computer table. Must be 12 years or older.