The following descriptions briefly outline the training groups of Crimson Tide Aquatics.  The coaching staff determines placement within the program and advancement through the different levels.  We have a very experienced and trained staff that knows what is best for each individual swimmer.


White & Pre Team - These are the introductory groups for the novice competitive swimmer.  Stroke fundamentals and enjoyment for the sport are emphasized.  Swimmers are encouraged to attend practice 2 times per week.  We would like our White group swimmers to attend at least a single session meet when available locally, but will not require our Pre-Team to attend meets out of town.  Going to some local meets is both beneficial and fun.

Crimson - This group both refines and builds upon the fundamentals introduced in the White group while introducing more advanced drills and efficiency techniques. The emphasis of this group still is on stroke mechanics; with the addition of basic interval training and continued aerobic development. Basic stretching routines will be introduced to increase coordination and balance. Swimmers are encouraged to attend 3 practices per week and also participate in all local swim meets.

Junior - This group is designed for committed and motivated young athletes desiring to work and progress towards the highest National Age Groups standards. Attendance of at least 80% is highly encouraged and expected.  Both aerobic training and continued stroke instruction are used to prepare the swimmers for senior level swimming in the future.  Swimmers need to attend all local and encouraged to attend all away meets.  Invitation to this group willbe made by the coaching staff.

Senior 1 - Swimmers need to be at least 13 yrs. of age and able to do repeat 100’s on a minimum interval along with a legal 200IM.  Swimmers in this group have the ability to train as much or little as they want based on their schedule. The objective of this group is to enjoy the sport and be able to compete if they so desire, but CTA hosted meets or other local meets designated by the Head Coach will be a must.  Swimmers only need to attend meets held locally.

Senior 2 - Swimmers at this stage have made a commitment to the sport and are ready for a higher level of training and competition.  Swimmers in this group have the ability to train consistently in a highly intense training environment, and have committed to every workout offered. The objective of this group is to compete successfully at the Southeastern level, and to also qualify and compete at the national level meets.  Swimmers are expected to attend all practice sessions that are offered for the week along with attending all local and away meets that are possible.  Standards for entering this group are strict and entry is by invitation of Head Coach.