A Thirty (30) day hand written notice of the swimmer’s withdrawal is required.   This means that all parents need to submit a hand-written notice to the Head Coach on the fifteenth of the month so as not to be billed on the first day of the month proceeding the following month.  Example - if you wish to take your child off of CTA in November you need to do so by October 1st.  You will be billed for October, but not November.  If you give written notice on October 2nd, you will be billed for November. 

USA Swimming registration fees, monthly dues, swim meet fees, etc. are paid online by automatic bank draft or automatic credit/debit card payment.


Monthly Dues
 Training Group   1st Swimmer   2nd Swimmer   3rd Swimmer   4th Swimmer
  White    $100   $85   $75   $25
  Crimson   $120   $105   $95   $25
  Junior   $150   $135   $125   $25
  Senior 1   $150   $135   $125   $25
  Senior 2   $175   $160   $150   $25

In addition to these Monthly Dues, CTA will be running a Swim-a-thon this upcoming season.  Swimmers will have the option of raising money through pledges or just being billed the required $100 fundraising requirement through Team Unify system.