CAC is swimming at 2 meets this upcoming weekend! CT Age Group Champs & Northeast Showcase

Jon Caswell
Mar 12, 2019

The CT Age Groups are this weekend and CAC is sending the 12 & under qualifiers to the meet:

Luke Westkott, Ruby Thoms, Jacob Lin, Albert Zhu, Anna Orphanides, and Addison Fulling will represent CAC.

Fri/Sat/Sun 11-12's Warm-up 10:30am, Meet 11:45

Fri/Sat/Sun 10 & U Warm-up 1:40pm, Meet 2:40pm

FINALS Warmup 4:45pm, Meet 5:45

GOOD LUCK TO OUR 12 & unders at CHAMPS

The Northeast Showcase @ Wesleyan this weekend will have teams from all over the country with teams from Arizona, New York, NJ, New England, and CT.  CAC is sending their 12 & overs to the meet.  This will be a trials/finals meet on Thurs-Sunday.

Thurs PM Distance Warmup 4:30pm, Meet 5:30pm

Fri/Sat/Sun Prelims Warmup 6:30am, Meet 8:00pm

Fri/Sat/Sun FINALS Warmup 4:30pm, Meet 5:30pm   Sat PM St Pattys Day   Bring ANYTHING GREEN!!!!!!!