The CAC coaching staff is committed to giving the swimmer a positive, enduring experience in the pool. Our aim is to build life long swimmers. We train and compete in every stroke, with the goal of building strong, balanced swimmers with excellent technique. We want our swimmers to have fun at practice, while working on technique, drills, kicking, and race pace practice.

Practice groups are divided by age and ability level.

Senior 1

Ages 12 and older.  12 year olds must have at least 3 "AAA" times.

14 hours

Senior 2

Ages 11 and older with 11-12 "A" times.

11 hours

Age Group 1

Ages 8-14.  10 & under swimmers must have three "A" times.  11-12 swimmers must have three "B" times.

6.5 hours

Age Group 2

Ages 8-12. Swimmers must be able to legally swim all 4 strokes and dive off blocks.

4.5 hour

Age Group 3

Ages 6-12.  Swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle & backstroke and be able to use the pace clock during practice.

3 hours
Intro Group

Ages 5-10.  Swimmers must be able to complete 1 length of the pool on their own.

2 x 35 min
Intro Performance Group       Ages 5-12 . Swimmers are comfortable with freestyle and backstroke. 2 x 50 min

*** The above descriptions are basic standards.  Final decisions will be made by the Head Coach***

The Head Coach is responsible for placing swimmers in practice groups. The coaching staff is happy to discuss swimmer placement, and to work with swimmers on goal setting, but the ultimate decision on where each swimmer will practice rests solely with the Head Coach.