Work Obligations during Meets and Team Events.


Every team is different with regard to work commitments. Some teams use a points system, others have complex weighting systems of roles and responsibilities. Ours is really straightforward when it comes to meets. Please read carefully as failure to comply results in a severe fine.

  • Parents or their named designates are required to work at all sessions of a home or away meet in which they have a child swimming.
  • If a family has swimmers at meets in two different locations they should provide a worker for each. If a parent is present at either of these concurrent meets they are expected to work.
  • If a parent has more than one child swimming they will be put into slots by the volunteer coordinator at a rate proportionate to the number of their children swimming in that meet.
  • If parents struggle to work a meet that falls on a work week they should arrange with another parent to cover their shift and then work a double shift themselves as soon as possible.  They must notify the STPA of such an arrangement
  • A parent who works as an official will have that session counted as two sessions worked. If there are more than two sessions the family must provide a worker for the balance of sessions.
  •  All parents must check in with the volunteer coordinator to get proper credit for working. Failure to check in at the designated time will constitute an absence.
  • A parent will work the entire duration that the role requires.
  • If a child makes finals the parents must check in with the volunteer coordinator. If a family has more than one swimmer at finals they will be assigned a time slot proportionate to their number of swimmers in the family. 
  • Work time slots are determined by the work assignments required by the meet host. Connecticut Swimming rules and host expectations change regularly. The CDOG coordinator will adjust as needed to ensure a situation as close to equitable as possible.
  • Failure to meet these requirements means that your account will be fined $50 per swimmer per session missed.

Officials are pivotal to the meet. It can't run without them. When you get comfortable in our swim family we encourage you to think of becoming an official. There is an incentive given by STPA involving splash fees. It's worth thinking about.


Commandments of a Swim Parent Meet Volunteer
  • Thou shall sign up as soon as possible so as to avoid bathroom safety marshal.
  • Thou shall keep thine eyes peeled for the actual heat winner as 6 out of 8 swimmers will look for the duckie heat prize.
  • Thou shall not complain about a one hour timing slot to a person who does 20 hours or more volunteer work per week for your team.
  • Thou shall not swear (out loud) when you get the late timing slot.
  • Thou shall be grateful to those who work a full session, and often every session, without fanfare.
  • Thou shall cheer all swimmers equally because each has a different goal to achieve, sometimes just getting through the race legally.
  • Thou shall understand that every family is as busy as your family, and they pitch in.
  • Thou shall bring a good cup of coffee on deck for the coach every now and then, and learn their favorite candy for a sugar hit.
  • Thou shall mentor other volunteers into complex roles so that they can know the joy of shared chlorine brain and the raucous jokes that develop by the end of a 5th session of a meet.
  • Thou shall always share thy sunscreen.
  • Thou shall multiply by at least four the amount of hours you think it takes to put a meet together.
  • Thou shall never be mad at your volunteer coordinator.
  • Thou shall never forget the friends that you made volunteering and thou shall miss them when your child leaves the nest.
-Kathleen Maloney