Tether Workout - Helpful Tips

Watch this Video: 7 Tips on How to Effectively Use a Tether

1) If possible, attach the tether apparatus high.  If it is too low it can interfere with your

      kick and your body may get too low in the water.

2) Mix up the strokes and types of repeats you are doing.  I try to do this when I send

      workouts to everyone, if you are doing things on your own, keep this in mind.

3) Use a Snorkel.  A snorkel is a perfect compliment to swimming with a tether.  You can

      focus on your stroke to make sure you are not developing bad habits.

4) Use time intervals or strokes for sets.  Again, I usually do that when I send these out.

5) Change speeds.  It is easy to get in the habit of swimming slow.  Unfortunately, that will

      often lead to bad stroke mechanics. Do some fast swimming and some slow swimming.

6) Don’t do sessions that are too long.  You will not be able to do the same amount of

      swimming with the tether as you would during a normal practice.

7) Do UW exercises.    NOTE – BE CAREFUL.  You should have supervision when doing any

      workout, especially if it involves holding your breath.