Greenwich YWCA Dolphins Swim Team

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As many of you heard, we have reached the conclusion that our 10-year old alphanumeric scoreboard on the deep end of the pool wall is unrepairable and must be replaced.

Examining all options, we have decided that a new LED Video Board from Colorado Time Systems is the best option. Where these boards are costly, the technology, lifespan and versatility of the boards is remarkable.

We have several team parents and board members who have agreed to lead the campaign to get the funds raised to get the board ordered and installed in 10-12 weeks. In fact, if we can get to 50% of the $40,000 cost, in the next 72 hours, the YWCA will allow us to order the board.

The scoreboard, in addition to names, times and splits will allow messaging and a variety of video playback options as well. The board will be of the highest quality in the region and will be a bit larger than our existing board and will enhance not only the swimmers experience, but the spectator interaction as well. The board will go in the same space as the existing board.

Our parent leadership team of Lauren Lazar, Joan Steere, Kim Wise and Natalie Robredo will reach out to different team levels next week; however, I wanted to kick off the campaign with an opportunity for you to participate NOW and see if we could get to 50% in the next 72 hours.  Much like our “starting block campaign”, we will recognize donors in the pool balcony lobby as well. Please look at the attached flyer and consider a gift today at this link: . All Donations to the YWCA are tax deductable

Please reach out with any questions!

Go Dolphins!

Nick Cavataro