1.  What is Masters Swimming?  Masters swimming in an intimidating way of saying adult swimming.   Swimmers must be 18 in order to join USMS, but one might be allowed to join a masters program younger (check with your local program for requirements).  All abilities are encouraged to join.  Masters refers to the age, not the standard of swimming. 

2.  What is USMS?  United States Masters Swimming or USMS is the organizing body of adult swimming in the US. 

3. What is CONN Masters?  CONN Masters is two things.  United States Masters Swimming (USMS) is organized into 52 Local Master’s Swim Committees (LMSC); some are areas like Metropolitan (the NYC area) and others are individual states.  CONN Masters is the LMSC for the state of Connecticut.  CONN Masters is also a Club Team that swims in USMS meets.  CONN Masters also has other clubs that belong to the LMSC.  CONN Masters promotes fitness swimming, pool competitions, open water swimming, triathlons and USMS.  Swimmers are encouraged to work and compete at your own pace, use swimming as an opportunity to be social, and have fun. 

4. Where can I swim?  Conn masters has many organized clubs, workout groups, coached practices, and groups of members around the state.  We are constantly updating our Places to Swim page with new information on programs and pools.  Some members swim in organized groups and others swim indepentantly.  Both can have benefits. 

5.  How can I join CONN Masters?  How can I join USMS?  When you join CONN Masters, you are also signing up to be a USMS Member.  Please visit the Register page for updated information. 

6. Do I have to join CONN Masters in order to swim?  Some clubs/teams do require USMS membership.  Most swim meets also require USMS membership.  Even if your team does not require membership and you do not plan on competing, signing up for USMS is still encouraged.  As a member, you receive the SWIMMER Magazine and receive email updates and new stories from USMS both of which are extremely educational.  Master’s programs are also encouraged to allow USMS members to pop into practices if they are traveling to a new area.  And really, the meets are fun.