Sharks Fee Structure 2019-2020

  • Family membership is included in all the rates below EXCEPT for the GOLD TEEN ONLY options.

  • Short Course Only includes 7 months of JCC Membership (mid September to mid April)

  • Long Course Only includes 5 Months of Membership (mid April – mid September)

  • December 31st is the last chance for a teen/HS swimmer to join the Sharks for the full year option. Starting Jan 1st, teens/HS swimmers will need to be registered for Short Course only and then separately for Long Course should the swimmer choose to stay on the team.

  • Gold Teen Only option is designed for  swimmers who are only planning to swim Short Course Only or Long Course Only. If your swimmer intends to swim the Full Year, then the Full Year Gold I or Gold II is your most cost effective option.

  • If a swimmer is signed up for the full year option and then the parent decides to pull their swimmer from swimming at the end of short course course season, then the parents will be responsible for paying the difference in fees between the monthly full year option and the monthly short course only option.

  • The Sibling Discount is applied to each additional child. 

  • A High School Discount of $225 is extended to HS swimmers.

  • Please note that the included JCC Family Membership typically costs $128/month.

  • JCC Teen Membership typically costs $46/month.



Full Year

Full Year



Short Course

Short Course


Monthly Long Course

Long Course


Bronze I








Bronze II








Silver I








Silver II








Gold I









Gold II











Teen Only












Sibling Discount


$1200 applied monthly to every additional

$1200 OFF every additional

$750 applied monthly to every additional

$750 OFF every additional

$500 applied monthly to every additional

$500 OFF every additional