Northeast Connecticut Aquatics (NCA) is a full service aquatic team, offering both non-competitive and competitive swimming. What was formally known as the EACO branch of Sonoco, NCA is a merger between a local recreational non-competitive team and a high level USA competitive team. The team will provide a true progression from swim lessons to developmental groups, then on to the competitive team. Northeast Connecticut Aquatics mission is simple: develop and grow athletes within the system designed to keep the athlete engaged and having fun. We aim to create a culture based on the concept of TEAM and provide an environment where the athletes feel a part of something bigger than themselves. We find that if the athlete cares about his/her teammates, he/she is more willing to attend more practices, work harder in practice, and have an overall great experience due to a sense of pride for their team. These are the values that will be the foundation of the team and will be emphasizes throughout the seasons

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