Our Mission Statement:

The New Fairfield Aquaflyers is a competitive swim team for athletes in the greater New Fairfield area. Our coaches embrace all levels of swimmers and provide each child with a safe, healthy and positive environment including resources that allow him/her to achieve personal and team goals. We are committed to helping our athletes develop the skill, self-discipline and character to not only succeed in swimming but also other aspects of life.

Our program emphasizes the 7 Pillar Principles of Respect:

Responsibility -- show up on time, be prepared with equipment, be ready for practice, be ready to listen, to focus and train.

Excellence -- be ready to do your best.

Sportsmanship -- respect teammates and coaches, listen to coaches feedback in a positive way.

Participation -- attend meets and practices on a regular basis.

Encouragement -- provide encouragement to teammates.

Competitive Spirit -- understand that part of competing is mindset; push yourself to your limits.

Team Unity -- support your teammates and respect your coaches, both in and out of the pool.

Team Goals:

1. Provide professional instruction in the skills and techniques associated with competitive swimming and foster a long-lasting passion for the sport of swimming.

2. Teach athletes personal responsibility, accountability and respect through positive reinforcement and recognition of the swimmer's pursuit towards accomplishing defined goals.

3. Commit to excellence in competition, both individually and as a team, through training and positive practice habits.

4. Promote sportsmanship, team unity and competitive spirit among teammates -- and other teams.

5. Encourage and require family participation. Only through cooperative agreement and conjoined efforts can a program and its athletes fulfill their goals and mission.