Whether your young athlete is a seasoned swimmer or new to the sport, we have something for everyone! We offer two seasons throughout the year for our swim team program and swimmers can swim in one season one both. Below is an overview of the AquaFlyers swim programs that we offer throughout the year:

Competitive (travel) swim team

The New Fairfield AquaFlyers competitive swim team is made up of 5 training groups: Dolphins, Marlins, Rays, Sharks and Barracudas. Swimmers are placed into training groups by the coaches based on the swimmers’ ability, age and maturity. The training is geared towards challenging each swimmer and developing him/her to the best of their ability. To join one of the training groups a tryout or coach referral is mandatory.

In-House swim team

The Minnows are the New Fairfield AquaFlyers In-House/entry level training group. Swimmers in this group are learning the basic skills for the 4 competitive strokes and build endurance to transition into the competitive team. To join the Minnows, tryout or coach referral is mandatory.

Learn-to-swim (LTS)

The New Fairfield AquaFlyers offer Learn-to-Swim sessions multiple times a year. Sessions are usually 30 minutes long and the coaches will assist the young swimmers in the water. The program will teach your beginner swimmer the following: How to get in and out of the water safely, how to control breathing with face in the water, floating and kicking to get safely to the edge of the pool, and how to move in the water. More advanced swimmers will learn the basic skills needed for the competitive strokes and will have the skills to transition into the Minnows or Dolphins training group.

Technique Clinics 

AquaFlyers swim coaches offer technique-oriented clinics for our competitive swimmers. These clinics have traditionally been held prior to the start of each season and cover specific topics such as dives, turns, breaking down stroke mechanics and more. While these clinics are not mandatory for our swimmers, the feedback we receive is tremendous!