Photographs of swimmers


New Fairfield Aquaflyers, or host teams of swim meets the New Fairfield Aquaflyers are attending, may wish to take photographs (individual and in groups) of swimmers under the age of 18 that may include your child during their membership in the club. Photos might be used with or without names on the team website, Facebook page, town newspaper, notice board on pool deck or made public for advertising purposes. The club requires parental consent to take and use photographs.

All photographs must observe generally accepted standards of decency in particular:

  • Action shots should be a celebration of the sporting activity.
  • Action shots should not be taken or retained where the photograph reveals a torn or displaced swimsuit.
  • Photographs should not be taken from behind swimming blocks at the start of a race or exhibit a child climbing out of the swimming pool.
  • Photographs should not be taken in locker‐rooms or bathrooms.

This following form allows participants/guardians the option to not allow New Fairfield Aquaflyers to take photographs of them/their minor children for the purpose of promoting the New Fairfield Aquaflyers. Failure to exercise this option, releases and discharges New Fairfield Aquaflyers from any and all claims arising out of the use of photographs, or any right that the parent or minor may have. To exercise this option, please print the form, check the box and provide the information to New Fairfield Aquaflyers board of directors. Participants are responsible for communicating their opt-out presence to the New Fairfield Aquaflyers.


Opt-out Photo Release Form