How to Sign Up for a Swim Meet:

Signing up for a meet is easy with our integrated swim team management platform. Follow the simple steps below to register your AquaFlyer swimmer(s) to compete in upcoming swim meets. For additional assistance, there is a tutorial video (located in the "My Account" section) you can watch that will guide you step-by-step through the process. Still having trouble or have questions? Simply contact us.

First of all, you should know that swim teams have to commit to participate in a meet weeks in advance of when the actual meet takes place. Some meets are harder to get in than others, so the coaches submit information to the host meet as soon as we are allowed. As a result, the sign up deadlines for you to sign up your swimmer(s) for meet events are weeks before the actual meet and are strongly adhered to.

1. Log into the AquaFlyer website using your account information.

2. Click the "Meets & Events" tab, located along the red band of menu tabs located at the top of our website

3. You will be directed to the "Meets & Events" page. Simply locate the title of the meet that you wish to enter your swimmer(s) from the list of meets and events.

4. Click on the meet title that will take you to the meet page. Here you will see most of the information you need to know about the meet: venue, address, dates & session times, entry eligibility, information about entry limits (number of individual events you can enter per day); other information specific to the meet; a link to the host's detailed information meet document; and hotel information (if applicable).

5. Click on "Edit/Commitment" and select your swimmer.

6. Click on "Declaration." If you are going, simply select YES. You will then be shown all the events your swimmer is eligible to swim at this meet. Please select up to 3 events each day, except for Friday evenings, which is traditionally for distance swimmers. Once complete, click "Save Changes" located in the bottom right corner. It's that simple... you are done signing up your swimmer. If you have more than 1 swimmer, simply repeat the same steps. Please make sure to save your changes each time you register a swimmer. If you are NOT attending the meet, select "NO" and then save your changes.

7. As outlined in our Program Fees section, your account will be billed the respective fee of the event(s) selected (billed the 1st of each month).

A Note to Seasoned AquaFlyers:

Our new team management platform allows you to choose the events that your swimmer(s) is interested in competing. You can also write notes to the coaches when signing up for events. If you do not want to sign up for events, no worries, as the AquaFlyer swim coaches review all selections and have final say on the events based on what they believe is in the best interest of the athlete. Make sure your swimmer(s) speaks directly to the coach if there are new events he/she would like to try.

A Note to New AquaFlyers:

At first, signing up for meets can seem challenging and confusing, but don't fear... it's not that bad! As you sign up for meets, you'll learn that each meet often has it's own naming process. Sometimes meets are 3 days (Day 1 is Friday -- typically for distance events; Day 2 is Saturday; Day 3 is Sunday). When meets are 2 days, Day 1 is Saturday and Day 2 is Sunday. There are times that some meets refer to these days as "sessions." 

Meets are not only segmented by day, but each day is usually broken out into morning and afternoon sessions for different age swimmers. There are times your swimmer might be able to swim 2 days during a weekend meet while other times only 1 day... it all depends on the how the meet is organized.

When you sign your athlete up for events, remember as a rule of thumb, 3 events per day are advised by our coaches. The system allows you to choose the events that your swimmer(s) is interested in competing (the system knows how old your swimmer is so you sign up for age-appropriate events). If you're not sure, it's okay -- the AquaFlyer swim coaches review all selections and have final say on the events based on what they believe is in the best interest of your athlete.

If you're still confused, asking a fellow AquaFlyer parent questions is a great idea. We are all in this together and are happy to help one another!